What Documentation is Supplied with a Diesel Generator?

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What Documentation is Supplied with a Diesel Generator?

When you receive one of our CPS generators, you will find that we supply a range of documents with our generators: from quick start guides, generator manuals as well as engine/alternator manuals (if supplied) along with control panel wiring manuals & diagrams.

When is this documentation supplied?

Every generator differs, so initial steps for your generator will differ. In short, always check your quick start guides and generator manuals so you know how to use them; ensure all coolant and oil levels are at the appropriate manufacturers’ recommended levels and ensure that the batteries are giving power to your control panel, otherwise your generator will not turn on, as all our CPS Generators are electronic start generators.

Any steps missed can potentially result in damage to the major components such as your engine if it hasn’t been primed correctly or lubricated fully.

First Initial checks

We supply all our gensets with test oil and coolant. We would always recommend checking the oil and coolant levels before starting the generator as the levels may be low due to testing as well as transportation.

Secondly, all our batteries supplied are isolated, we do have two different battery isolators. One being the green screw option and the second being a red simple switch. Always ensure that the green screw is connected and twist tight, or on the red switch you have connected turned the handle to the correct position. When both of these actions have been made, you shall see the Control Panel will now light up. This means that the battery is sending power to the controller for electric start.

Fueling your Diesel generator

All our generators have a fuel cap on the base frame, please always check that the correct amount of fuel is added before you even begin to start the generator. Failure to do so will may end up causing many issues such as creating an air lock in your engine. This will result in having to the bleed the engine before you can refuel and restart your engine.

Our sets are supplied manual fuel gauge next to the fuel cap to give you an indication of fuel added to the set. Always read the engine manual which will advise minimum fuel required. Once fueled, most engines will need to be primed before starting, you will find this information in the engine manual. All engines differ on if they require to be primed or how to be primed. Some engines may have an electronic primer and others will have a mechanical primer.

Once you have checked the oil and coolant levels, ensured that the battery is providing power to the control panel and the correct fuel levels have been adhered too, whilst priming your engine. You are now ready to start your CPS Alpha Series Diesel generator via your chosen Deepsea Electronics PLC Controller or ComAp Inteligen Controller. For details on starting your genset via your chosen controller please check the appropriate controllers Operational Manual.

Also, check out our servicing options to keep your generator in great condition here.

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