A Load Off Your Back: Why We Load Bank Test Our Generators

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A Load Off Your Back: Why We Load Bank Test Our Generators

Tomorrow is national safety day, making this the perfect time to talk about the “loads” of testing we do at CPS to ensure your Bespoke Diesel generator is as safe and efficient as you expect when you trust a high-quality UK manufacturer like Constant Power Solutions! Joking aside, Load Bank Testing is an important part of our quality management and after-sales services. A load bank test ensures your Diesel Genset is fully capable of withstanding and excelling under the day-to-day pressure of use, Primary or otherwise. But what is Load Bank Testing, and what are its benefits for your business; your safety and your Diesel generator? Read on to find out!

What is Load Bank Testing?

Especially during this pandemic, where many of us are working from home, the backup Diesel Genset(s) serving our businesses are likely massively under-utilised. This inactivity can lead to difficulties for a Diesel generator when performing under load. This can cause fuel deposits to build up within the generator, which can cause it to run inefficiently or even not at all. This inconsistent performance is a slippery slope to potential injury in the workplace the next-time the generator is active.

A load test is a multi-faceted procedure, involving checks of a variety of your Diesel generator’s parts. The main component of the test, however, is running the load bank itself. The load bank is used to simulate the characteristics of a standard generator load, and provide the instruments necessary for monitoring the Generator’s performance under load. It typically takes in power from the Diesel Generator, the kW amount of which can be controlled by the load bank, and draws it into a heavy-duty resistor. This energy is then dissipated as heat, but not before the data from the process is measured via the instruments.

This test is done in incremental steps to ensure a Diesel generator can run at maximum efficiency for your business under any load it supports.

Benefits of Load Bank Testing

Load Bank Testing has countless benefits to both your Diesel generator and your business. Firstly, of course, is peace of mind. Our team of experts here at CPS will ensure your Diesel generator is safe and ready to go when the time is right, through their extensive knowledge and careful testing.

A Load Bank Test also has physical, tangible benefits on your Diesel Generator too. It can:

  • reduce carbon build-up on your Diesel generators piston rings
  • reduce the potential impact of wet-stacking issues when running your Diesel generator under light loads
  • Optimize your load efficiency under Primary power usage of your Diesel generator

CPS hopes this guide has shown you the importance of Load Bank Testing for your business and it’s Diesel generator in time for National Safety day. For more info and to begin Load Bank Testing of your Diesel generator, contact us today.

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