Bahamas Asphalt Factory & The Importance of Hertz

50 / 60 Hertz Generators Explained
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Bahamas Asphalt Factory & The Importance of Hertz

Anyone who has ever taken part in international business has experienced the headache that comes from different regulations. No country is bound by the same laws as another. This is visible in two key areas, Electricity and Health & Safety. As a worldwide provider of Bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel generators, here at CPS we thrive off challenges during projects. In August 2020, for example, we provided 60hz Diesel generators to the Bahamas Salt Factory to compliment their 50hz sets. Why is this? Learn more about this unique difference in hertz alongside this project below!

Bahamas Salt Factory Project Recap

We Provide in-depth summaries of our Project work for various clients across the globe on our project page, click here to read a summary of our work. For the basis of this article, however, here’s a quick recap. Bahamas Asphalt Factory provides asphalt to various Latin American countries, with the capability to operate across the entire continent. The owner had worked in the asphalt industry for a long time and looked to expand their power solution to include 60 hertz Diesel gensets. This work was provided by one of our amazing CPS Dealers, PowerOn Group.

What is the difference between a 60hz and 50hz Diesel Generator?

Hertz is a measurement of frequency that is equal to one cycle per second. Diesel generators generate power via rotation, measured in RPM. We have countless blogs on the inner workings of a  Diesel generator for more information on this. A 60hz generator is around 20% faster than a 50hz generator, both in the induction motor speed and the rate of output. A 50Hz generator spins at 1,500-3,000 RPM, whereas a 60Hz spins at around 1,800-3,600Hz.

Why is there a difference between a 60hz and 50hz Diesel Generator?

Every country has their own solution to power. Over here in the UK, we use a three-prong plug, however, the US uses two. This isn’t just cosmetic; everything from safety features to the frequency of power is affected. The UK, for example, uses 50Hz power. The US uses 60Hz. When your business operates on an international scale, your power solution is designed to tackle the challenges of international power. Whilst 60Hz Diesel generators can be derated to meet 50Hz requirements. This can cause complications and damage over the long term alongside inefficiencies in the short term.

For high-quality power solutions in both 50 and 60hz designed to meet your exact needs. CPS are ISO9001 accredited providers of bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel Generators built with genuine parts. Contact our expert team on our 24/7 helpline or browse our site today to begin your power solution journey.

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