Are You Interested In Supplying Your Customers UK Manufactured Products?


Constant Power Solutions Ltd UK operates through a network of dealers in the UK as well as globally. Our dealers form a crucial part of our business and contribute heavily to the growth of the CPS brand. Our team operate in dedicated regions and manage their own network of dealers, this has allowed each of our team to become experts in the areas in which we operate, allowing us to share our knowledge for the growth of our dealers.

Working with Constant Power Solutions, you will have access to our robust team who can support you by helping you choose the correct Alpha Series Generator for your applications. All our Diesel generator sets are CE Marked and being built here in the UK we will provide Country of Origin on request which will allow you to compete on high-level tenders as well an enhance your companies brand by working with a UK Manufacturer with the knowledge that all components can be traced back to the original source.

  • Demand

    As demand for high-quality, UK built generators continues to soar, there has never been a better time to discuss how you can be involved with one of the UK’s leading manufacturers.

  • Support

    Our in-house team offers one-to-one support to each and every one of our dealers, whether they purchase on an order basis or stock our sets, each dealer is given the same level of support whether they are based locally, nationally, or internationally.

  • Warranty

    We are also able to offer technical and global warranty support and our dedicated team can assist you every step of the way to ensure you reap the rewards of working alongside CPS.

  • Competitive

    The exclusive pricing structure for our dealers allows you to compete in your marketplace.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities to promote and advocate a brand such as CPS, our team will be happy to discuss the finer details and perks such as qualified leads and authorization certificates plus many more! Contact us to start your journey with CPS today.