Believe in Bespoke: Benefits of Custom Diesel Generators

Benefits of Bespoke Generators
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Believe in Bespoke: Benefits of Custom Diesel Generators

Here at CPS, we pride ourselves in offering made-to-order bespoke power solutions, featuring the latest features and made to your exact expectations and requirements. For uncompromised performance in a Diesel generator, you need a solution tailored to your business needs. Learn more about why your business may need a bespoke power solution and the benefits of one in this article.

Why Choose Bespoke

Your business may need a bespoke power solution for a variety of reasons. In the most basic of terms, you’ll need a bespoke power solution if your requirements are outside of the normal range for a business, or your requirements must be met exactly in order for your business to function effectively. This could include many criteria, but here are a few examples.

  1. High Power Demands

If your business consumes a large amount of power, or is looking to use a generator as a primary source of power, you may wish to consider a bespoke power solution for your business. High voltage generators can be manufactured, or multiple generators can be ran in parallel for more power. Work out your KvA with the help of our guide here.

  1. Specific usage requirements

We offer a variety of prebuilt Diesel generators design for a variety of use cases. From silent generators to containerised generators, we aim to stock UK-manufactured Diesel generators for any use case imaginable. If your business needs a generator that meets specific criteria for noise level, efficiency or form factor – you should consider a bespoke Diesel generator to meet your needs.

  1. Cost-effective

Choosing a bespoke power solution may save you money over pre-built Diesel generators in the long-term. How? Simple. By choosing the power output and feature set of your Diesel generator, you can rest assured knowing you won’t need to buy replacement parts to meet your requirements. No replacing means lower costs overall, even if you pay a little extra to ensure you get the Diesel generator you expect for your business.

  1. Choice of Loyalty

When choosing generator parts, it’s important to be using parts you trust. Here at CPS, we build all of our bespoke Diesel generators right here in the UK to the highest quality standards. All of our generators are ISO9001 accredited thanks to our best-in-class quality management system. We can ensure you trust every part in your Diesel generator via open and honest communication with our team of experts.


As you can see, there are a variety of benefits to choosing a bespoke Diesel generator to serve as your power solution in 2021. From economics to maximising useful power output for your business, bespoke Diesel generators will provide your business with the upper hand it needs to survive 2021. Learn more about bespoke Diesel generators here, or contact our CPS Experts today to begin your journey towards a new Bespoke generator.

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