Benefits of An Oil Cooled Diesel Engine

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Benefits of An Oil Cooled Diesel Engine

Recently we launched our AD Series, Deutz engine driven Diesel generators. Compared to our other generators series, the 2011 Deutz engines are oil cooled (up to 60kva). In this blog our expert engineers will give you an insight about the key benefits of an oil cooled engine.

Oil naturally prevents corrosion of the engine

This leads to lower maintenance requirements and therefore lower running costs. It’s important to use the correct grade of oil with the engine, always check the owner’s manual. Read more on servicing here.

Oil is used as both a lubricant and a coolant in these engines

Therefore, this eliminates the needs for two separate housing units for water and oil.

Reduced servicing costs

Typically, generator servicing engineers would need to supply and invoice oil and coolant with each service. However, with the AD Series generators from 13-60kva that wouldn’t be the case.

Oil has a higher boiling point than water

Meaning it can be used to cool items at a temperature’s above 100 °C. The engines have high ambient clearance characteristics if installed correctly.

Compact cooling pack 

A compact cooling pack reduces the generator footprint. Having a smaller generator footprint reduces the canopy size and therefore typically reduces the costs.

Oil is an electrical insulator

Therefore, it can be used inside of or in direct contact with electrical equipment such as in transformers.

Less Engine Leakage

It has been found that oil leaks are less likely in oil cooled engines given its’ use in the machine.

Which CPS Generator models are oil cooled?

Below we have highlighted the range of oil cooled Deutz diesel engines, which are manufactured into our Diesel Generators. The range covers 13kva and goes up to 60kva. The range is available as open type generators or canopied generators.

F2M2011          13KVA Prime Power, generator model AD13/S

F3M2011          20KVA Prime Power, generator model AD20/S

F4M2011          30KVA Prime Power, generator model AD30/S

BF4M2011        40KVA Prime Power, generator model AD40/S

BF4M2011C      60KVA Prime Power, generator model AD60/S

If you’re based in the UK, you can purchase our AD Series of Diesel generators direct from us the manufacturer. Visit our PowerMark parts and UK retail division to see our full range of Deutz Diesel generators here.

CPS Generators are proud to be a certified ‘Deutz Business Partner’. Our AD Series of generators have been certified by Deutz AG. We have access to all the latest technical information on Deutz engines, ensuring our clients receive the best advice for their requirement. You can read more on the history of Deutz here.

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