Can Long-term Genset Primary Power Work?

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Can Long-term Genset Primary Power Work?

In most cases, Diesel generators are used to provide backup power to a business. We’ve discussed the numerous benefits of this before in other articles, but a UK-manufactured Diesel generator from CPS is capable of even more. Today, our team of experts will take you through the potential of our bespoke Diesel generators to provide primary power for a variety of applications.

When Would you Use a Diesel Generator for Primary Power?

Moving away from the mains can be an ideal choice for many situations, though they can be somewhat obscure to those working with a Diesel generator for the first time. The most obvious use case for our quality, UK-manufactured Diesel generators as a primary power source is during construction. Construction can occur in remote areas, and typically requires large amounts of power for the machinery needed. A Diesel generator from CPS can be tailored to your power and voltage needs, which we’ve discussed how to calculate in our kVA guide. Overall, most construction relies on reliable Diesel generators like ours for their primary power.

Other types of work in remote locations can benefit from using a Diesel generator as  a primary source of power. Take festivals or other forms of outdoor entertainment. One of our portable, containerised Diesel generators can provide primary power that can easily be transported across road or sea. A Diesel generator means your work isn’t bound to a solid line to the mains.

How we tailor Diesel Generators for Primary Power

CPS offers bespoke Diesel generators for your business. As you can see in our projects, there are a variety of ways to create long-standing Diesel generators for a variety of loads. A synchronicity module can be applied to run multiple generators in tandem, for example. Each generator could be turned on or off based on power needs, working in parallel when load is high or acting as redundancy to ensure power is maintained constantly.

We can provide our Diesel generators in a variety of form factors. A soundproof generator keeps your primary solution enclosed and silent, perfect for use in close proximity to day-to-day work. As aforementioned, a containerised Diesel generator allows you to transport your primary power across the globe. there are countless ways in which our team of experts can create a bespoke primary power solution that meets your business’s exact needs.


As you can clearly see, CPS has the ability to create entirely bespoke Diesel generators and Diesel power solutions that will perfectly meet your prime power needs. Our team of experts here at CPS have years of experience, as can be seen through our projects, in creating tailored Diesel gensets that will allow your business to capitalise on the benefits of using a UK-manufactured generator as a primary power source. Contact us today or browse the rest of our blogs and projects to begin your journey with our top-quality Diesel generators.

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