What is fuel polishing
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What is Fuel Polishing?

Fuel polishing is mechanical fuel cleaning. This is done with the goal of cleaning up the fuel to maintain it. Though it...

generator service
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Should I service my Generator?

Should I service my Diesel Generator? A service and maintenance package should be considered as a standard running cost ...

Generator Controller
Generator Information Generator Safety guides

How to Start a Diesel Generator with a Controller

Here at Constant Power Solutions, we provide a ‘Quick Start Guide’ when supplying our Diesel generators to e...

Generator Information guides

What Documentation is Supplied with a Diesel Generator?

When you receive one of our CPS generators, you will find that we supply a range of generator documentation with our set...

Generator Information guides News

Benefits of An Oil Cooled Diesel Engine

Recently we launched our AD Series, Deutz engine driven Diesel generators. Compared to our other generators series, the ...

Open Set Generator Benefits
Generator Information Generator Parts guides Medium/High Voltage generators News

Does your Business Need An Open Set Generator?

CPS offers a variety of bespoke Diesel generators for sale. Open Set generators are a niche but popular choice in our ra...

History of Cummins
CPS Team Generator Information Generator Parts guides News

The Cummins Story: History of Cummins Generators

Cummins are a leading Diesel generator manufacturer, who’s parts are highly economical and efficient. CPS is incredibly ...

High Voltage Generators Explained
CPS Team Generator Parts Generator Safety guides Medium/High Voltage generators

The Benefits of Medium/High Voltage Generators

Our clients often request bespoke Diesel generators to tackle a particular challenge. However, no matter how efficient y...

CPS Dealer
CPS Dealers Generator Information Generator Parts Generator Safety guides

Who is your Local CPS Dealer?

CPS may be home to quality UK manufacturing. Still, we aren’t just selling our amazing bespoke Diesel generators i...

Gas Generators Explained
CPS Dealers CPS Team Gas generators Generator Information Generator Parts guides

Fan-Gas-tic: Gas Generators Explained

CPS is all about Diesel generators. Bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel generators are our bread and butter and – if our ISO...

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