Medium/High Voltage generators

Diesel Generator Attenuator
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Diesel Generator Attenuators

Types of Noise Attenuators for Generators There are two main types of noise attenuators used to silence diesel generator...

Generator Safety Medium/High Voltage generators News

Why We Load Test Every Generator

Here at Constant Power Solutions, we know that batch testing generators is simply not a viable option in this industry. ...

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CPS Supply Power to Sudan

CPS Supply Emergency Power to Sudan! Constant Power Solutions have been a played a strong part in the supply of emergenc...

Open Set Generator Benefits
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Does your Business Need An Open Set Generator?

CPS offers a variety of bespoke Diesel generators for sale. Open Set generators are a niche but popular choice in our ra...

High Voltage Generators Explained
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The Benefits of Medium/High Voltage Generators

Our clients often request bespoke Diesel generators to tackle a particular challenge. However, no matter how efficient y...

50 / 60 Hertz Generators Explained
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Bahamas Asphalt Factory & The Importance of Hertz

Anyone who has ever taken part in international business has experienced the headache that comes from different regulati...

History of CPS
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History of CPS

The anniversary of Constant Power Solution’s founding is fast approaching. For over half a decade now, the CPS Team has ...

Why Choose High Voltage
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Do You Need a High Voltage Generator?

Constant Power Solutions can provide your business with a bespoke Diesel generator to meet any load requirements, alongs...

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