Diesel Generator Attenuator
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Diesel Generator Attenuators

Types of Noise Attenuators for Generators There are two main types of noise attenuators used to silence diesel generator...

Emergency power supplied to Bangladesh bank

Major National Bank in Bangladesh Supplied Emergency Power by Constant Power Solutions!

Major national bank in Bangladesh supplied emergency power by Constant Power Solutions. The Bangladesh market has always...

Diesel Generator Commissioning Explained

Diesel Generator Commissioning Explained

Setting up your new purchase is always the most stressful part. You buy a new desk for the office, and you spend a whole...

How to Prevent Voltage Loss (1) (2)

How to Prevent Generator Voltage Loss

Diesel Generators are often essential to your business. A Diesel generator could be providing the primary power that kee...

Summer Generator Maintenance
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Summer Generator Maintenance Guide

Working in the Summer heat can be truly challenging – just ask anyone in manual labour. Just like grafting in a hi-vis, ...

History of CPS
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History of CPS

The anniversary of Constant Power Solution’s founding is fast approaching. For over half a decade now, the CPS Team has ...

ISO9001 Vision Mission Values
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ISO9001: Our Vision, Mission and Values

ISO9001 accreditation is a key point of pride for CPS. Meeting and exceeding the expectations placed upon us and our Qua...

Importance of After Sales & Servicing
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The Importance of Diesel Generator Aftercare

CPS is proud to offer a competitive and thorough after sales and servicing alongside our bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel...

Meet The Team
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Meet The Team: “What is Your Favourite Part of The Job?”

Our team here at CPS have decades worth of combined experience in providing bespoke Diesel generators. Throughout this t...


CE-PS: What is a CE Marking for Diesel Generators?

Here at CPS, we place great value and devote meticulous care to the quality of our bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel gener...

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