CE-PS: What is a CE Mark for Diesel Generators?


CE-PS: What is a CE Mark for Diesel Generators?

Here at CPS, we place great value and devote meticulous care to the quality of our bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel generators. We wish to ensure all of our customers receive the finest power solutions on the market every time. As aforementioned in a prior article, CPS is ISO9001 accredited thanks to our vigorous commitment to meeting the QMS standards. You may also notice that all of our European Diesel gen-sets for sale are marked with a CE mark logo, alongside many of the products you encounter in your day to day life. Learn what this symbol means for your Diesel generator below.

What is the CE Mark?

The CE mark is applied to a vast majority of products traded within the European Economic Area. The CE mark indicates goods have been assessed to meet the safety and quality standards laid out in the New Approach Directives. This includes general standards and, in the case of Diesel generators, specific requirements for a variety of machinery – including Diesel generators.
Not all products require a CE Marking and neither do products being sold outside of the EU. For example, pharmaceuticals are not included in CE marking regulations. However, from kid’s toys to Diesel generators, a CE mark serves as an excellent assurance of quality for many electronic and mechanical devices on the market today.

How does CPS meet CE Mark requirements?

In order to obtain the CE mark for our bespoke Diesel generators, we must meet all regulations pertaining to Diesel generators and machinery. A majority of these arise from the use of Diesel in the machinery, which is applied in general to all Diesel products. However, for our silent generators, a separate, specific regulation relating to the noise levels of Diesel generators is rigorously adhered to. This ensures your generator is ready and raring to excel in indoor backup power supply all across Europe and beyond.

Why Choose CE Marked Diesel Generators?

Even if you’re not based in the EU, our UK-manufactured Diesel generators being CE marked should be considered a strong selling point. A CE mark guarantees a regulated, safe and top-quality generator just like our British legacy. A CE mark also guarantees ease of use in the EEA, perfect for mobile and multi-national business. If you’re looking for a bespoke Diesel generator anywhere in the world – trust CPS and the CE Mark for internationally-recognised quality.

Here at CPS, our team of experts are not only on hand to explain complex Diesel generator information and regulations, but they’re also ready to provide you and your business with a top-quality bespoke Diesel power solution. Contact CPS today and begin your CE-marked journey through Diesel generators.

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