Why do Generators Need Replacing?

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Why do Generators Need Replacing?

Our recent work with the esteemed Clay Cross Hospital highlighted the question why do generators need replacing? We provided to them with a premium quality, UK-manufactured AD200. This Deutz powered 200kva set will provide Clay Cross Hospital with reliable, efficient backup power for emergency situations for years to come after being fully commissioned and tested by CPS. But why did their generator need replacing? What lessons can your business learn from this project? Learn more about the importance of replacing your Diesel power solution in the modern world below in this article.i

Here on the CPS site, we have a separate projects page where we break down in-depth all of our projects involving our top-quality CPS generators.  So for the sake of this article, we’ll just focus on one key aspect. Clay Cross Hospital had its prior backup generator in use for over 2 decades. In this time, throughout all the hectic turmoil and heroic struggle that occurs in hospital walls, their power solution ran for only 50 hours collectively.

50 hours.

The diesel generator had a good service history, was stored in ideal conditions and, clearly, only encountered minimal usage throughout its long lifespan. Why then, you might be asking, did Clay Cross need to replace their diesel generator?

Should I be replacing my Diesel Generator?

Every generator, unfortunately, eventually reaches the end of its lifespan because diesel itself can directly damage internals over a long period, consequently, general wear and tear accumulates. Whilst this lifespan can be extended via servicing and replacement parts, this can only be used for so long. Eventually, old parts stop getting manufactured, and generators fail to live up to technological and regulated standards as the years go by. Simply put, a diesel generator from twenty years ago just doesn’t live up to the standards of today – especially for such an important use case as backup power for a healthcare provider.

Benefits of Clay Cross Hospital choosing CPS Generators

CPS aims to provide the highest quality of care and service throughout the process required to create a new, bespoke diesel power solution. We handled every step of the process, whilst employing the help of top quality local businesses to ensure this project benefited the community as a whole. From decommissioning to final testing and commissioning, we also supplied a rental set from one of our CPS Dealers in Eversham. CPS doesn’t just care about supplying top-quality UK-manufactured diesel generator sets, we also care about the clients we’re supplying to.

We hope this guide has shown you the importance of diesel generator replacements. Interested in learning more about, or obtaining, a top-quality UK-manufactured Bespoke Diesel generator from us? Browse the rest of our site or contact our expert CPS team today.

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