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Constant Project Solutions: Why Learn About our Projects

Here at CPS, we value the efforts of our staff immensely. From our renowned, ISO9001-accredited UK-manufacturing to each of our experts available on our phone line, we offer a world-class experience with each bespoke power solution we provide. We want to make sure we back up our claims of being one of the finest in the Diesel generator. Therefore we provide you with breakdowns of our latest and greatest projects here on our site. Read on to learn more about some of our favourite projects and our latest project.

Kent and Canterbury Orthopaedic Theatres / Hereford County Hospital

We’re very excited to show you this project, as it shows the importance of owning a backup Diesel generator in today’s environment. This is a point we’ve emphasised in multiple articles over the past few months. these backup Diesel generators are being used in the modular wards. It was essential for these generators to be absolutely perfect in performance, so we implemented a Cummins engine with a load that matched the exact power requirements needed. We also included a water jacket heater and a western global transcube for reliable startup and fuel efficiency. For more technical details, subscribe to our newsletter.

Teledata UK Backup Power

One of our more recent projects, this generator was for Teledata UK In Manchester. This data centre needed backup power, so we equipped them with generators with Synchronization functionality. We used three separate, canopied Diesel generators running with full redundancy. We’ve left open the possibility of scalability and offered regular servicing to ensure no downtime occurs for this generator.

Asia Factory Power

As we have discussed recently, Asia has been subjected to multiple powercuts due to a coal shortage. Thanks to the help of our CPS Dealers, this factory had four synchronized Diesel generators ready to go. These generators can supply up to 2MW of power for the factory, with each Diesel generator coming equipped with an 8-hour fuel tank and a DSE8003 for remote monitoring. This set up is ideal for factory machine servicing, as each generator can be run independently for 0.5MW of power each. Splitting running hours between four machines reduces the cost and time of repair, alongside saving room in the factory.

More Projects

CPS continues to deliver bespoke power solutions across the globe to a variety of clients. We treat each client’s needs with an equal level of innovation, ingenuity and prowess. By signing up for our newsletter, you can get a taste of the kind of care we put into the power solutions we’ll be able to offer you when you trust us for your Diesel power needs.


Contact CPS today and talk to our available experts if these projects have your interest. Otherwise, subscribe to our newsletter for more projects or browse our range of articles for more info. We hope to help you begin your journey to a bespoke, UK-manufactured CPS power solution soon!

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