CPS Supply Power to Sudan

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CPS Supply Power to Sudan

CPS Supply Emergency Power to Sudan!

Constant Power Solutions have been a played a strong part in the supply of emergency standby power to Sudan for several years. Sudan is a lovely country and has been great to work with, hence the long working relationship.

A Brief History.

Sudan was once the largest and the most geographically diverse state in South Africa. However, it was split into two countries in July 2011. Now, it is the third largest country in Africa (after Algeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

As it is still a relatively young country there is a lot of new infrastructure, and it now takes the throne as one of the fastest growing economies in Northern Africa. However, the increase in population as well as industrial growth means that there is a major discrepancy of power in the region.

“Only about one third of Sudan’s nearly 45 million population has access to power, but demand for highly subsidised electricity is growing by an average of 11% yearly, faster than most African nations,” according to a 2019 World Bank report.

Due to the frequent black outs, most of the general population, and industries massively rely on emergency standby power from Diesel generators and renewable energy systems. With this in mind, CPS works very closely with companies in Sudan to supply quality UK Made Diesel generators to the Sudan market.


“The increasingly frequent blackouts which often last all day are hitting families and businesses in Khartoum and other Sudanese cities already facing 380% inflation and shortages of petrol, bread and other imports.” Reports Reuters.

Since working within the region and working with our clients, CPS have supplied more than 6.6mw worth of power to the region from a number of different generators, as small as 20kva and all the way up to 500kva. We are currently working very closely with our dealers in the region with projects for 1500kVA Prime Power Perkins Powered CPS Sets using the Perkins 4012-46TAG2A.

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Very recently we shipped out two full containers of generators from 20kva up to 250kva, which are all CPS Alpha series generators powered by UK Built Perkins sets equalling up to 1.1mw Power. This may not seem a huge number, but when your talking the core ranges of 30kva, 45kva, 60kva – you can understand the sheer number of soundproof Diesel generators we have arranged to be sent out to the region.

We are continuing to work side by side with our dealers supporting them in the region with our full support to ensure our clients have the full support to help them grow efficiently.

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