Diesel Generator Commissioning Explained

Diesel Generator Commissioning Explained

Diesel Generator Commissioning Explained

Setting up your new purchase is always the most stressful part. You buy a new desk for the office, and you spend a whole workday putting it together. Installation and preparation of new equipment eat up time and effort better spent on getting your products and services sold. This issue plagues many businesses that purchase Diesel generators. Luckily for you, CPS is not only home to top-quality Bespoke Diesel generators manufactured right here in the UK. CPS is also home to a fantastic team fully capable of commissioning your new Diesel generator.

So, what is Diesel generator Commissioning? What steps does the CPS team take with your business, and what are the benefits? Learn the answers to all these questions below!

What is Diesel Generator Commissioning?

In the simplest of terms, Diesel generator Commissioning is the process of installing your Diesel generator. Kind of like getting someone to put in your new washing machine at home. When you work with a quality team like the one at CPS, it goes a lot deeper than that.

When we commission Diesel generators, CPS Techincal Engineers engage in a series of checks to ensure the safety and efficiency of your new power solution. These include:

  • Visual Inspections – Some of the most catastrophic faults can easily be spotted and amended via visual check of your installation area and generator by our experts
  • Protective Functions checks – Emergency stop and DSE operating functions, all checked by the CPS team
  • Mechanical Inspections – Complex machinery requires thorough checks only a team with combined decades of experience can provide
  • Load bank test – We ensure your Diesel generator can operate at total efficiency under load
  • Generator Start and Run We ensure your Diesel generator is ready to begin powering your business before the handover.
  • Control Configuration – We fully configure your DSE control module to meet your needs
  • Cables & Electrical Inspection – All cables within and from your Diesel generator are inspected, ensuring no transmission or termination faults

Benefits of Diesel Generator Commissioning

The most valuable benefit of Diesel generator commissioning is peace of mind. We ensure your Diesel generator is safe and efficient when running in any operational mode before handover. CPS commissioning is also incredibly smooth and designed to meet your schedule. Commissioning can also help ensure your warranty remains valid.

Why not combine our commissioning services with our flexible and affordable servicing contracts? Our servicing and repairs ensure you’re left with an incredibly efficient Diesel power solution that’s sure to live its entire lifespan.


We hope this guide has shown you the incredible benefits our Diesel commissioning service can bring to your new power solution. Harness the expertise of our CPS technical engineers today and contact us regarding our commissioning services.

Are you interested in a new, fully-commissioned Diesel generator? CPS is home to bespoke, UK-manufactured and ISO9001-accredited Diesel generators for sale. Learn more from our blogs or contact us to begin your Diesel power journey today.

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