Do You Need a High Voltage Generator?

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Do You Need a High Voltage Generator?

Constant Power Solutions can provide your business with a bespoke Diesel generator to meet any load requirements, alongside any other needs you may have. Our team of experts are ready and able to provide you with the Diesel power solution you need to serve as your primary or backup power source, and help you decide what your business needs from this. One question our CPS experts are often asked is if a business will need one of our top-quality Medium / High Voltage Diesel generators. Whilst what a business needs from their CPS Diesel power solution varies on a per-client-basis, in this article we’ll tell you what our high voltage Diesel generators are and what the signs are that your business will need a high voltage Diesel generator from us.

What is a High Voltage Diesel Generator?

A high voltage Diesel Generator is exactly what you’d imagine it to be. It is a Diesel generator that outputs power at a higher voltage than a traditional Diesel generator. Our range of high voltage Diesel generators have a power range of 1350-4365 kva, so be sure to check out our guide on how to calculate the kva your business will need from a generator to ensure our high voltage Diesel Generators are right from you. Typically, our high voltage Diesel generators output at a voltage range of 3-12kv for 50hz requirements and 3.6-13.8kv for 60hz requirements. They are ideal for backup applications, but can easily be tailored by our experts to serve your business needs. All of our Diesel generators are designed and assembled in our UK factory, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

Why Would You Need a High Voltage Diesel Generator?

A high voltage Diesel generator is ideal for when your Diesel power solution needs to power a variety of equipment across long distances. A lower voltage Diesel generator will likely lose a lot of its power output during transmission across long distances. By outputting power at a high voltage, your business will see massively reduced transmission losses, ensuring a more efficient and consistent Diesel power solution.

This would likely be preferable for those in the construction industry, where your equipment is likely to be spread across a larger area than most businesses. Larger factories and buildings, or businesses covering multiple premises may also benefit from a high voltage Diesel generator. Contact our CPS team of experts today to find out if a high voltage power solution is the right choice for you.

CPS hopes this guide helps you decide whether a high voltage Diesel generator is the right choice for your business’s power solution needs. No matter the Diesel generator you need, trust CPS. Our bespoke power solutions are UK-manufactured and put through our ISO9001-accredited quality tests, ensuring your business receives only the best. With our global network of CPS dealers, we’re ready to give your business the power solution it deserves. Contact us today.

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