Does your Business Need An Open Set Generator?

Open Set Generator Benefits
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Does your Business Need An Open Set Generator?

CPS offers a variety of bespoke Diesel generators for sale. Open Set generators are a niche but popular choice in our range. Open Set Generators are built without a soundproofing canopy, leaving the components of the Diesel generator out in open air. So what is an Open Set Diesel generator? What are the benefits of choosing an Open Set? And, most importantly, why should you purchase yours from CPS? Learn more below with the help of our expert team.

What is an Open Set Diesel Generator?

An Open Set Diesel generator is a Diesel generator manufactured without a canopy. Canopies are the large, typically steel encasements placed atop the base frame to completely cover the Diesel engine components. It also houses soundproofing materials and may feature additional features such as access doors.

What are the Benefits of an Open Set Generator?

When you consider the numerous benefits of a canopied Diesel generator, such as our range of soundproof generators, Open Set Diesel generators may seem like a peculiar choice. However, they offer numerous benefits in a variety of scenarios.

The key benefit is often cost. In many countries, Diesel generator soundproofing or a secure enclosure is not required to operate effectively. For example, many Diesel generators designed to be housed in industrial buildings can use the construction of a room itself for proper ventilation and soundproofing.

Using an Open Set Diesel generator is typically cheaper than a soundproofed counterpart. It also allows for easier access for servicing and can help with providing even ventilation. Overall, Open Set Diesel generators excel in many industrial scenarios and save you money upfront.

Why Purchase Open Set Diesel Generators from CPS?

CPS offers bespoke Open Set Diesel generators to meet your exact needs. We can provide Open Set generators featuring various parts from top manufacturers to create an open set with the precise kva and features your business needs. Not only that, we can offer a complete commissioning service brought to you by the same trusted UK engineers who constructed your generators. They’ll ensure the generator is thoroughly tested on-site. They’ll also check that the site it is housed in is ideal for your Diesel generator needs. Most importantly, they’ll guarantee that proper ventilation is available to keep your Open Set Diesel generator running effectively.

After manufacturing and commissioning, CPS also offers flexible servicing contracts – perfect for open set Diesel generators. You can learn more about these here.


We hope this guide has helped you and your business learn more about why you may need Open Set Diesel generators. CPS offers a complete, bespoke Open Set Diesel generator for sale with various commissioning and servicing contracts available. Learn more about Open Set Diesel generators. Find out if our Open Set Diesel generators for sale are suitable for your needs via our 24/7 helpline today, or check out our Open Set page or in-depth blogs to learn more.

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