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El Sallab Hospital
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El Sallab Hospital

CPS is all about quality. From each genuine part to a rigorous commissioning process, we ensure every aspect of your Diesel generators excels your expectations for excellence. Recently, we completed a vital project for the prestigious El Sallab Hospital to provide a crucial backup Diesel generator for their premises. This 2-week project highlighted a key Diesel generator component that benefits massively from quality design yet is often overlooked. This week with CPS, learn the importance of your base frame for your Diesel generator and a little more about what it meant for the El Sallab Hospital project.

Brief Overview of the El Sallab Hospital Project

CPS collaborates with a global network of CPS Dealers to provide our bespoke Diesel generators to those who need them most. Our main Egyptian dealer, Hegazy Company for Power (HCP) recently provided us with a project for the El Sallab Hospital. They required a backup power solution capable of providing reliable power to their premises in case of an emergency.

As an ISO9001-accredited manufacturer, we made sure to provide them with a premium UK-manufactured Diesel generator using some of the finest parts on the market. We used a Cummins KTA38G5 engine paired with a Stamford HCI634J alternator for dependable, quality power. The DSE7420 included within this project, providing the essential readouts and granularity in control needed for such a project. What really brought it together, however, was the bespoke in-house base frame we designed specifically for this Genset.

What is a CPS base frame?

CPS has the capacity to produce bespoke base frames for our Diesel generators right here in the UK. The base frame essentially holds the weight of the Diesel engine and alternator. It is also home to the anti-vibration mounts and other features that help prevent damage and noise pollution during your Diesel Engine’s lifespan. We build and design custom base frames in-house to meet the precise needs of the Diesel generator project we’re working on. We use premium quality galvanised steel sourced from the UK.

Why is a Baseframe important?

Imagine a blender on a wonky countertop. Will it work? Of course, but it’s going to rock like crazy. It might take longer to blend, you might have to stop when it falls over. Over time it’s going to incur more damage than it would on a flat surface. What a flat surface is to a blender, a high-quality base frame is to a generator.

We design our baseframes to support and protect the Diesel generators we build, ensuring minimal vibrations and balanced weight support. With a CPS base frame, we make sure your Diesel generator can run safer for longer. This is especially vital in a medical backup scenario, where small lingering damage may not be noticed over a long period of inactivity.

We hope this guide has given you an insight to our work at El Sallab Hospital and shown the importance of trusting CPS to provide you with high-quality UK-manufactured parts for every aspect of your bespoke Diesel generator.

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