Fan-Gas-tic: Gas Generators Explained

Gas Generators Explained
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Fan-Gas-tic: Gas Generators Explained

CPS is all about Diesel generators. Bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel generators are our bread and butter and – if our ISO9001-accreditation is anything to go by. We can manufacture Diesel generators capable of meeting a vast array of specifications and requirements, which meets and exceeds the expectations of most clients. In some circumstances, however, Diesel itself is not what a client is looking for. What then? Luckily for you, CPS is also home to Bespoke LPG and Natural Gas generators! Learn more about Gas generators, their uses in comparison to Diesel generators and what UK-manufactured CPS Gas generators can bring to your business below.

What is a Gas Generator?

A gas generator is a power generator that uses either LPG or natural gas as its power source. LPG is short for Liquid Petroleum Gas, also known as a hydrocarbon gas in liquid form. The most common types include propane and butane. Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon mixture. This usually includes a variety of alkanes such as carbon dioxide, helium and predominantly methane.

Benefits of Gas Generators

There are numerous features of a gas generator that make them an ideal option in some scenarios. Gas generators are, for example, ideal for inner-city use. Many cities have a gas pipeline that can be used to pump gas directly into the generator, eliminating the need for fuel storage. Their inner-city usefulness is compounded by odour-free operation.  Gas generators are considered highly fuel-efficient and have a low upfront cost. They are also rather flexible in terms of installation. It is not uncommon to see a gas generator installed on the roof of a building.

What is the difference between Diesel and Gas generators?

Obviously, the biggest difference between these two types of generators is their fuel source. Beyond this, however, there are a few key differences that may influence your purchase decision. Diesel generators can be manufactured with a higher power output than most Gas generators for example. Diesel generators are typically cheaper to run in the long term as well, with Diesel prices relatively low in comparison to Gas pipeline costs. Overall, it entirely depends upon the needs of your business from a power solution.


We hope this guide has explained to you the intricacies of the gas generator. CPS is capable of providing LPG and Natural Gas genset from 5-500kva, which you can order right here on our site. Our bespoke gas generators can also be fitted within soundproof canopies and a variety of genuine top-quality parts to meet your exact needs. Alongside this, CPS is also home to bespoke UK-manufactured Diesel generators, which you can read all about on our blog page. Call our expert CPS team today on our 24/7 helpline to learn what we can offer your business.

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