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Generator Export Freight Services

At Constant Power Solutions Ltd, we have a dedicated expert logistics team, that will help arrange shipment of our products globally. Our expert logistics team have over 50 years combined experience in export products around the world. In this blog our logistics team cover the typical export documentation needed and various container sizes products can be loaded into.

Different Container Sizes

LCL Shipments – Means less than container load. This is perfect for customers who only want to ship a smaller quntity generators. They will share the space with other customers.

20ft Shipping Container – Smallest container we are able to load goods into. Ideal for smaller machines between 6-300kva Due to height restrictions some of our larger sets above 300kva may need to go into a 40ft HC.

40ft Shipping Container – Large shipping container, able to accommodate a mixture of various generators, however due to height restrictions a HC maybe more suitable.

40ft HC Shipping Container – ‘HC’ meaning high cubed, extra tall 40ft HC container allowing smaller machines 6-30kva to be doubled stacked. This shipping container is also used for loading our larger open type diesel generators 600kva upwards.

Along with our sea freight support, we also supply a loading plan of the generators currently quoted, and whether any additional generators can safely fit within the container. This means that you maximise the space within the container. The loading plan is used by a software program.

Sending Generators by Road Freight

For some clients in Europe we load our generators onto heavy goods vehicles, and then the cargo is driven to the destination. This is known as DAP (delivery at point). Our generator dealer in Austria opts for road freight, because typically the cargo arrives at destination quicker.

It’s important to note the vehicles pay load, when loading heavy goods such as generators onto a HGV trailer. This can be found out by contact the freight forwarder.

HGV can typically load the same amount of generators onto the trailer as you can in a container. Some HGV have 6 axels and allow for a extra trailer, for maximum loading potential. You can see the different type of heavy goods vehicles here.


Export Documentation Support

Working with freight forwarders also means that CPS receives support on any documentation required for shipments. Whilst there are various export documents, below are some of the typical ones our export clients require:

  • BOL – Bill of Laden. A document issued by the carrier, to acknowledge receipt of the cargo. This can be issued in paper format or sent digitally.
  • COO – Certificate of Origin. Obtained from the local chamber of commerce, to authenticate where the goods where produced.
  • EUR1 – Movement certificate. If you are in the EU you can claim zero rates of duty.
  • ACI – Advanced Cargo Information. This is crucial for exporting goods to Egypt.
  • PL – Packing List. A summary of the goods quantity, weight and dimensions.
  • CI – Commercial Invoice. A summary of the value of the goods and location of manufacture.

The INCOTERMS CPS use as standard are

  • DAP (Delivery At Place)
  • CFR (Cost and Freight)
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight)
  • EXW (Ex Works)

Other Container Terms

  • LCL – Less Container Load (Partial loading of a container, shipper does not have enough goods to fill a container, therefore items can be loaded together with other items to split the cost.
  • FCL – Full container load (Goods loaded into a full container)

Our warehouse team has expertise in loading containers safely and efficiently. Our warehouse team is trained to operate our overhead loading cranes and operate forklift trucks, ensuring your equipment is loaded correctly at our facilities.

Our team takes pride in safe working practices, they complete weekly checklists on equipment used to load your products, thus adding to the extra care when it comes to handling your power equipment.

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