The History of CPS

History of CPS
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The History of CPS

With the anniversary of Constant Power Solution’s founding fast approaching, we are reflecting on the hostory of CPS. For over half a decade now, the CPS Team has continued to grow and excel whilst providing some of the finest Bespoke Diesel generators worldwide. With a strong commitment to living up to the legacy of UK-manufactured Diesel generators that Rudolf Diesel began, we’ve committed ourselves to quality and innovation at every stage of a Diesel generator’s lifespan. This has not only to an ISO9001 accreditation but also a storied and impressive history in such a short period of time. Today, learn more about the History of Constant Power Solutions and what it means for your business in this article.

2013- The Beginning of CPS

CPS was co-founded by two great men – Daniel Arnett and Victor Wu. Daniel, an avid kickboxer and animal lover, had extensive experience in the Diesel Generator Industry. After leaving his current position, Daniel set up in Victor’s garage. With their intellects and passion combined – they founded Constant Power Solutions and achieved great success in an incredibly short time period. In just one year, CPS produced 50 Alpha Series generators of their own design with powerful AP model Perkins engines. These were exported to 10 countries! It was clear from the beginning that CPS was on its way to becoming a global brand.

2014-2015 – Early success

After a successful first year in business, the very first CPS factory was founded. From here, over 100 Alpha Series Diesel Generators found their way to over 20 countries. The very next year, CPS’s second factory opened. This expanded their capabilities to include export to over 30 countries. Two dealerships were also founded. Throughout this period, Daniel and Victor continued to innovate. The AL, AV and AC models were created and over 200 AP generators were produced in 2015 alone!

2016-2017 – Deals and Dealerships

2016 saw the CPS dealership network rapidly expand to seven companies. As the business expanded, so did our capabilities. A 500 kva soundproof set was delivered to Asia, a record-breaking set for CPS.

2017 was perhaps one of our biggest years. over 500 machines were produced and our office team was dramatically grown to include logistics and warranty departments as well as three international agents.

2018-2019 – Record Numbers

2018 began with our biggest factory. Double the size and capable of producing generators up to 2000kva, this cemented our position as a force to be admired in the industry. Our Business Development team and canopy range also increased in both quality and size.

2019 broke another record when we produced two AP2000s in 40ft containers for shipment to Iraq. An expanded production time also allowed for four 1000kva sets and a 2000kva open set to be produced in this time.

2020-2021 – Helping the world

2020 was a hard time for many businesses. Our staff worked from home or in split shifts in our warehouse. During this time, however, our contracts seemed to only grow in importance. From 650kva set for the United Nations to a 800kva for an NHS supplier – it was clear we needed to expand. Learn more about our recently hired UK Project Sales managers here.

This year, we’ve slowly and safely filtered back into the office. With a recent partnership with Deutz bringing their engines into our line-up – it’s clear we’ve got many great years ahead!


If the history of CPS should tell you anything – it’s that we never slow down. Our commitment to quality Bespoke Diesel generators that live up to both the legacy of UK-manufacturing and ourselves requires no sacrifice in innovation and progress. Your business can be apart of and benefit from our amazing journey. Contact our expert CPS team today to learn what we can do for you. To all our customers across the globe – thank you for eight amazing years!

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