History of Deutz

Histoy of Deutz
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History of Deutz

Deutz is an Akitienesellschaft company responsible for making some of the finest Diesel parts on the market today. You’ll find Deutz Engines in many of the projects we’ve written up on our site. We felt this blog deserved a place right here on CPS thanks to our continued use and great pride in the Deutz line. Interested in learning the extensive history of DEUTZ AG, one of the finest Diesel engine providers around? Learn more right here at CPS.

Founding of Deutz

Deutz began life as N. A. Otto & Cie, founded by Nicolaus Otto and Eugen Langen on the 31st of March, 1864. The Deutz name only began after success in 1869 saw the company move operations to Deutz, Cologne and a rebranding to Gasmotoren-Fabrik Deutz (roughly translating to gas engine factory Deutz). During this period, Nicolaus Otto invented the four-stroke internal combustion engine.

Rocky Success

Since the beginning, Otto and Langen were only interested in stationary engines. Technical director Gottlieb Whilhelm Daimler, famed inventor of the high-speed liquid petroleum-fuelled engine, heavily pushed for automobile production to begin. Despite his resignation, Deutz soon began to produce agricultural and commercial vehicles. This period (around the early 1900s) saw the introduction of the iconic “Tower” logo still used today, originally a representation of the Ulm Cathedral where Deutz truck production originally began.

Of particular note for Deutz in this period is their extensive list of prestigious employees:

  • Wilhelm “King of Designers” Maybach
  • Prosper L’Orange – inventor of the pre-combustion chamber instrumental in road vehicle Diesel engines
  • Ettore Bugatti (yeah, THAT Bugatti)
  • Robert Bosch – a pioneer in Spark Plug Technology and famed founder of Bosch GmbH

Modern Day

DEUTZ AG has survived and thrived throughout countless decades, rebrands and directions, now selling their Diesel engines and parts worldwide. Deutz now provides air-cooled, liquid-cooled and oil-cooled Diesel engines worldwide through a network of distributors. They have 5 production facilities producing countless Diesel products, including:

  • Pendergrass in Georgia USA
  • Ulm, Germany
  • Herschbach, Germany
  • Zafra, Spain

And of course, their headquarters in Cologne.

These locations remain committed to the long-standing tradition and commitment of Deutz, keeping the Engine of Progress marching on and creating innovative Striking Heads of industry that continue to create the freedom of movement and motorized world that Otto and Langen envisioned over 150 years ago.

That’s why we love Deutz engines. Consistent progress, consistent performance and dependability in countless applications. we know our clients can depend upon Deutz engines when they come to us for a bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel Generator.


We hope this guide has shown you the prestigious history and commitment to Diesel engine excellence DEUTZ AG provides to your CPS Diesel power solution. For top-quality UK-manufactured Diesel generators featuring Deutz Diesel engines, contact our expert CPS team today. Learn more about how we use Deutz engines on our project page here.

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