How to Keep your Diesel Generator in Top Condition over Lockdown

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How to Keep your Diesel Generator in Top Condition over Lockdown

Business operations come to a halt. Offices are empty. Your Diesel Generator lies dormant, waiting to spring back alive when you need it next. Lockdown has put a halt to many businesses day-to-day activities, and many now find themselves with a Diesel power solution that may be inactive for a considerable period. In this post, we at CPS will use our team’s extensive knowledge of Diesel generators to give you the expert advice you need to keep your UK-manufactured power solution in prime condition so you can get back to work without a hitch when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Diesel Generator Storage

An open-set Diesel generator that’s inactive should be stored away somewhere sheltered, dry and of a reasonable temperature. With containerised and silent Diesel generators, it is best to remove any Diesel from the generator to avoid freezing or other issues. You may choose to remove any connections from your sockets as your Diesel generator will be inactive for a long period of time.

Regular Diesel Generator Testing

The regular testing of your generator is vital to ensure it’s ready to resume operations when the time comes. As a part of our servicing contract, we offer load bank testing. Load bank testing allows you to test your generator under load, to ensure it is operating efficiently at its required power output. Regular oil checks, coolant checks and emergency stop testing is vital also to ensure you can safely get back to operations when lockdown is over.

Regular Diesel Generator Servicing

The regular servicing of your Diesel generator is important whether it’s inactive or not, just read our servicing guide to learn why. Here at Constant Power Solutions, we offer regular servicing by our team of experts in a price system designed to benefit you. We recommend 3 minor and 1 major maintenance services per year for most generators, but you may wish to consider an additional major or minor service during lockdown so you can rest assured your Diesel generator is optimal and ready to go.

Diesel Power Solution Upgrade for After Lockdown

This period of inactivity is the perfect time to improve your Diesel power solution. CPS offers bespoke Diesel Generators designed to your specifications. Struggling with power output? Why not order an additional backup generator from us? Looking to transition to Natural Gas? We’ve got you covered with our range. UK-manufactured quality is hard to come by, so get prepared for next year now with CPS, so we can ensure your power needs are met.


CPS hopes this guide helps you keep your Diesel generator in peak condition during lockdown, so your business can carry right on when restrictions are lifted. A quality UK-manufactured bespoke Diesel generator from CPS will meet your power needs time and time again if properly maintained. Contact us today as an existing customer to learn about our new servicing contract, or browse our selection of quality Diesel generators ready to help your business grow.

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