How to Prevent Generator Voltage Loss


How to Prevent Generator Voltage Loss

Diesel Generators are often essential to your business. A Diesel generator could be providing the primary power that keeps your tools running during your latest construction project. It may even be your last power source when the mains to your data server fails. Either way, you need your generator to be running efficiently and in prime condition at all times.

Diesel Generators, such as bespoke Diesel power solutions CPS provides, are rated for specific power output. This rating is typically the exact ‘kVA’ your business your Diesel generator can output. When Voltage loss occurs, it can be a severe problem. So, how can your company avoid it? What steps can you take to troubleshoot and maintain your Diesel generator to prevent voltage loss? Learn the answer with the expert CPS team below.

What is Voltage Loss?

Voltage Loss is the sudden loss of some of your generator’s output. Voltage Loss is often seen and expected when your Diesel generator hits its full load. At this point, you can see a loss of power, typically around 5%, as all the equipment and devices attached to your power solution begin to take their toll.

More considerable voltage losses, seemingly unexplainable to those inexperienced in Diesel generator troubleshooting, can have severe consequences for your business. Equipment may begin to malfunction or become inoperable due to insufficient power, for example.

What causes Voltage Loss?

The most apparent cause of voltage loss, and the most common, is exceeding your Diesel generator’s load. The Voltage loss from reaching your Diesel generator’s maximum load grows exponentially the more equipment you try to power via your Genset beyond that.

Complications with the AVR can also lead to voltage loss. Make sure the voltage gain is set correctly on your AVR, alongside other settings. We recommend leaving these changes to a Diesel generator expert, mainly if your Diesel generator still uses a manual voltage regulator.

There are mechanical issues that can also lead to voltage loss. Under-fuelling is a common mechanical issue that leads to voltage loss. Clogged fuel filters and injectors can lead to slowdown and eventual voltage loss.

This list, of course, only covers a small window of the problems that could be causing voltage loss in your Diesel generator. For more information, use our 24/7 helpline to contact us.

How to Avoid Voltage Loss?

Diesel generators can only take what the manufacturer has rated them to withstand. De-rating your Diesel generator can help avoid voltage loss. The synchronicity modules from DSE that we offer on our bespoke solutions can also help. These modules can spread the load across multiple generators to help keep the entire Genset under load. Beyond this, regular maintenance and repair, which we offer under our flexible contracts, is the best bet to help avoid Diesel generator voltage loss.


The CPS team hopes this guide will help you troubleshoot Diesel generator voltage loss. Contact us today to begin your Diesel power solution journey with the expert CPS team.

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