Introducing Safe Sets

Introducing Safe Sets Generator
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Introducing Safe Sets

Your diesel generator can be the most critical piece of equipment for your work, especially in a primary power scenario. Keeping your diesel generator safe and secure is a challenge. Such an expensive piece of equipment, filled with valuable diesel, is a valuable target to thieves and vandals alike. When security is a concern with your diesel generator, investing in a bespoke power solution designed to resist entry may just be for you. Interested? Learn more about our amazing range of Safe Set Diesel Generators available for sale at CPS in this article.

What is a Safe Set Generator?

Safe Set is our range of diesel generators housed in a galvanized steel container with an aluminium floor. They come equipped with a variety of security features, from a secure stop-start procedure that works via your phone or physical keypad to a lockable (but easily accessible) service door. Our safe set generators are just as bespoke as the rest of our range. They can be built using any configuration from our AP, AC, AS, AV, ALP and AD Series and can even be built to meet our Super Silent specification. Simply put, our Safe Set Diesel Generators are the safest available.

What are the Benefits of a Safe Set generator?

There are countless scenarios in which a Safe Set Generator can provide numerous benefits to your operations. We built our safe set specification based upon popular demand from those working in cities abroad and here in the UK. They would find their diesel generators being consistently tampered with and diesel siphoned overnight when they came back to their place of work.

Our Safe Set Diesel Generators are specifically designed to withstand and protect against forced entry. These sets can be configured to provide the same benefits of a super silent and containerised generator alongside their safe set features. Their metal container allows for easy shipping and transport, and the super silent features make this diesel generator perfect for inner-city work. Our Diesel Safe Set Generators for sale really are the perfect package for those seeking a modern-day power solution.

Why Choose CPS Safe Set Generators?

CPS prides itself on living up to the prestige and legacy of the phrase “UK-manufactured”. Our ISO9001 accreditation ensures only the finest quality parts, materials and service when you purchase your Diesel generator from us. We are committed to providing quality of life features you simply don’t get with our competitors, such as interior LED lighting on our Safe Set generators. Combine all this with a 24/7 helpline of diesel power solution experts and a competitive after-sales service plan – it becomes clear why CPS is the right choice for your next power solution.

We hope this guide has shown you the amazing benefits of our range of Safe Set Diesel generators for sale. Learn more and enquire about our UK-manufactured Safe Set Diesel power solutions here, or browse our blogs and contact our team to learn more about the amazing range of other Diesel generators we offer today.

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