ISO9001 Explained

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ISO9001 Explained

Here at CPS, we take the pedigree that comes with the phrase ”Uk-Manufactured” to heart. We believe maintaining the highest level of quality and consistency in our Diesel Generators is of the utmost priority. That’s why we are incredibly proud to have been awarded ISO9001 accreditation as of July 2019. But what is ISO9001, and what does it mean to you? In this post, we’ll explain why it is an honour to be given the ISO9001 accreditation as a worldwide leader in Uk-manufactured Diesel generators.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is awarded to organizations that meet the international requirements for a quality management system (QMS). the standard is seen in the generator industry and beyond as a signifier that a company can consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements across the globe. ISO9001 is officially recognised in over 160 countries, including the UK and Yemen.

What is QMS?

A quality management system is the series of processes a business takes to ensure they are meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction. ISO9001 dictates that it must be in line with the organization’s purpose and direction, and must be expressed in a companies goals, policies, processes, resources and documented information. An ISO9001 accredited QMS must adhere to these 7 principals:

Principal of QualityDefinition
Customer focusA business must understand, meet and exceed customer expectations, and actively manage customer relationships for sustained success
LeadershipLeaders at all levels must establish a common purpose and direction. Conditions, where employees are engaged in achieving quality objectives, must be created.
Engagement of peoplePeople at all levels of the company must be empowered, competent and engaged to enhance the organization’s ability to deliver value.
Process approachBusiness processes and activities should be understood as part of one coherent quality management system. The results of this QMS mist be consistent, predictable and achieved efficiently.
ImprovementThe organization must have an ongoing dedication to promoting, enhancing and cultivating improvement through analysis, development and education
Evidence-based decision makingCompany decisions should be based on the analysis and evaluation of data
Relationship managementB2B and B2C relationships must be maintained and collaboration encouraged in a way that results in sustained success


Why CPS is ISO9001 accredited

We at CPS achieved an ISO9001 accreditation through a strong commitment to the 7 principals of QMS, in a way designed to benefit our customers. As we said at the beginning, we take the pedigree of being a UK Diesel Generator Manufacturer seriously. We test all our Generators at 110% load, offer best-in-class after-sales service and ensure our team of experts are always ready to serve customers so you can rest assured knowing that when you buy a bespoke Diesel power solution from us, you’re receiving the highest quality service that’s bolstered by an officially accredited ISO9001 QMS.

To take advantage of our IS09001 accreditation and our responsibility as a worldwide leader in Uk-manufactured Diesel Generators to offer the quality you deserve, browse our range today or request a bespoke generator purpose-built for your needs.

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