ISO9001: Our Vision, Mission and Values

ISO9001 Vision Mission Values
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ISO9001: Our Vision, Mission and Values

ISO9001 accreditation is a key point of pride for CPS. Meeting and exceeding the expectations placed upon us and our Quality Management System under ISO9001 underpins every decision we make, every project we undertake and the roles every employee excel within. We’ve discussed at length in a prior article the criteria CPS must meet in our work providing Bespoke Diesel generators in order to reach ISO9001 accreditation, but what steps do we take in order to meet these? Learn more about the “Vision, Mission, Values” system that Constant Power Solutions follows in our work in the Diesel Generator industry below.

What is “Vision, Mission, Values”?

ISO9001:2015 is the relatively new refresh of the ISO9001 standard currently in use. This replaced ISO9001:2008, and has just been reviewed by the ISO. At present moment, the key difference between the latest 2015 standard and its past editions is a newfound emphasis on the context of your business, alongside concepts such as risk-based thinking. In order to ensure the context of your business is a meaningful factor in your QMS, the “Vision, Mission, Values” system can be employed. But what does this mean? Let’s break this system down into 3 key definitions:

Vision ​sets out what CPS wants to accomplish, this ties in closely to the overall Quality Objectives we set out via ISO9001.

​Mission is the closest related to the new context clause in ISO9001:2015. In Mission we lay out what CPS does as a business, who we are doing it for, and other steps. Consider these to be the stepping stones towards the Vision.

​Values directly influence our Quality Policy as a part of ISO9001. It provides the context as to what our company as a whole and the CPS Team believe. providing what the company and its employees.

What are The CPS “Vision, Mission, Values?”

The CPS “Vision, Mission, Values” are as follows:


To be recognised globally as the leading UK-based power products manufacturer.

Since our start in 2013, this has remained our consistent driving goal.  From our early beginnings in Victor Wu’s Garage to the launch of our sister site PowerMark in 2019, CPS continues to strive for global success as the top dog in UK manufacturing.


We list our Missions as follows:

Being at the pinnacle of UK standards with the products and the services we offer.

Guaranteeing customers a competitive and efficient solution that exceeds their expectations.

Our people will share our Vision and promote our values in everything they do.

To be the brand our people, dealers, customers, suppliers (and even our competitors) can be proud of.


Efficient. Consistent. Driven.


We hope this guide has revealed to you the importance of ISO9001 to CPS and all the work we do when providing top quality UK-manufactured bespoke Diesel Generators worldwide. To learn more about the leading power solutions our renowned, ISO9001-accredited Quality Management System produces, contact the expert CPS Team today to discuss what CPS can bring to your business.

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