Major National Bank in Bangladesh Supplied Emergency Power by Constant Power Solutions!

Emergency power supplied to Bangladesh bank

Major National Bank in Bangladesh Supplied Emergency Power by Constant Power Solutions!

Major national bank in Bangladesh supplied emergency power by Constant Power Solutions.

The Bangladesh market has always been a huge export market for Constant Power Solutions, simply because our clients know they are getting a genuine Perkins engine powered generator when they order from CPS Generators.

CPS and our partner client in Bangladesh were chosen for this project, to which hundreds of companies tendered for, due to our clients’ proven track record of generator build quality in Bangladesh. Furthermore, our competitive pricing structure, quick assembly times and premier quality means that we always have a major advantage over our competitors.

The 16 generators supplied are powered by a UK Perkins 1103 series Diesel Engine, coupled to Mecc Alte UK alternators: producing 30kVA prime power and 33 kVA standby power. The generators will provide reliable back up power to the serval Bangladesh bank site, due to the lack of infrastructure in the country. The AP30S generators are controlled by a Deep Sea Electronics control module, the breaker is the ever popular CPS brand and for this project we fit residential silencers to further aid noise reduction, we also used our 50mm thick canopy in addition to this, to reduce the standard noise levels by 20%.

The client also appreciated a canopy that was spacious inside, meaning they can easily service and maintain the AP30S diesel generator. Due to new regulations put in place by the government for noise pollution, reducing the noise level was a major factor for choosing Constant Power Solutions over the many other UK and European based generator manufacturing companies.

CPS generators are designed and manufactured to last even in the toughest environments, our canopies are powder coated, manufactured from galvanised steel and are available in multiple different thicknesses, depending on your application requirement.


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