Meet The Team: Patrick Mercer, Northern Project Sales Manager

Meet Patrick Mercer
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Meet The Team: Patrick Mercer, Northern Project Sales Manager

Our team of experts here at CPS continues to grow, learn and evolve day by day to ensure you get the highest quality of both service and products every time you buy a top-quality, UK-manufactured Diesel generator from us. Get to know the latest member of our Sales Team, Northern Project Sales Manager Patrick Mercer, today via this introductory article!

History of Patrick Mercer

Mercer began his career at 18, with a Mechatronic Apprenticeship. This began a successful time in engineering, a field in which Patrick knew he could thrive. From a young age, Patrick was always enraptured by the mechanical and electrical workings of every device he could get his hands upon, especially cars. Patrick Mercer is still an avid automobile aficionado to this day.

Mercer’s apprenticeship gave him an invaluable first-hand insight into every aspect of the engineering environment, providing a strong foundation that would serve as the basis of his expertise throughout his career. By the end of his 4-year apprenticeship in 2018, Patrick found himself at a crossroads, with countless career paths he could begin his journey down. Ultimately, Patrick Mercer began a career in mechanical and electrical design. At first, he found great passion in this new career, which capitalized on his keen eye for minutia and detail. In this role, Mercer also developed a strong flair for innovation, adapting products to better meet requirements.

As he went on through his year in this role, Patrick came to realise his full potential still lay dormant. Therefore, he did what – no doubt- many of you readers considered doing at the start of your careers. Patrick Mercer found himself at what he felt to be the end of this path and took a leap of faith.

Patrick landed on his feet, with a running start into the sales department as a Technical Sales Manager. He knew from the very beginning that he had found a role that pushed him to his peak potential and developed a strong passion for his work. He excelled in the customer-facing aspects of his new profession, and the ability to innovate he had developed and nurtured so far throughout his career gave him the upper hand when it came time to meet customer needs and requirements.

To quote Patrick Mercer himself:  “I knew from my first day this role was for me; a customer-facing role with lots of responsibility and the ability to innovate and engineer the products to suit the needs of the customer. I love problem-solving and this role certainly had that, I would visit a customer and they would give me a problem and it was my job to engineer a solution for them.”

Patrick Mercer now finds himself part of the CPS family. He feels that here he can show once more his full potential and reach new heights thanks to his six and a half years of experience. He hopes to continue with CPS in the future, taking upon more responsibility as he shines in his new role.

Get to Know Patrick Mercer

Our team of experts are always on hand to help you make the best of your bespoke Diesel power solution, and we at CPS place our relationships with customers both old and new in the highest regard. Here are just a few things about our new Northern Project Sales Manager you may want to know!

  • Has a passion for cars
  • An avid player of football, golf and cricket
  • Is a lover of animals and owner of a five-month-old puppy
  • Enjoys travel and visiting new places, had an amazing adventure on his most recent trip to Tokyo, Japan
  • Newcastle United supporter, with a soft spot for Leeds too

We at CPS hope this brief introduction has helped you get to know the latest addition to our team of Diesel generator experts better. For quality power solutions from quality people, contact CPS today!

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