Meet The Team: “What is Your Favourite Part of The Job?”

Meet The Team
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Meet The Team: “What is Your Favourite Part of The Job?”

Our team here at CPS have decades worth of combined experience in providing bespoke Diesel generators. Throughout this time, many of our excellent team have developed their own passions in the field and clearly displayed them throughout their work. This week, we asked some of our team members one simple question, what is their favourite part of working on our top-quality, UK-manufactured generators here at Constant Power Solutions? Read on to learn the results, and learn more about the team behind your business’s greatest bespoke power solutions!

Brendan: Production Manager, Welder and Fabricator

Brendan is an integral part of every bespoke Diesel generator build here at CPS. He provides the guidance and work needed to create the power solution your business requests at the quality you expect. When we asked Brendan what his favourite part of his job at CPS was, he told us:

“I enjoy producing custom drawings for bespoke machines such as machines with increased capacity fuel tanks”

With some bespoke Diesel generators, we require custom planning of the design to ensure the features requested are implemented effectively. This provides a unique challenge to our team here at CPS each time we ger a bespoke order, something Brendan clearly values!

Nick: Electrical Engineer

Our bespoke. Uk-manufactured Diesel generators are incredibly complex pieces of machinery. Our electrical engineers, including Nick, work with extreme precision and diligence to ensure your Diesel generator meets the standards you expect when you think of “UK-manufacturing”. Nick’s favourite part of the job focusses on a similar area to Brendan’s. Nick says his favourite part of the job is “… wiring bespoke orders where they have additional components added.” As aforementioned, a great deal of care goes into ensuring additional components in our bespoke Diesel generators work seamlessly, so knowing that Nick pours his passion into each CPS power solution should leave you eager to begin your journey with us!


Patrick: Northern Sales Manager

Patrick Mercer, our Norther Sales Manager, has appeared on our Meet The Team Series once before. We gave you an extensive rundown of his history and hobbies, as well as his sales experience. Patrick works closely with our customers in the North to ensure they’re journey to a bespoke Diesel powers solution is as seamless as possible. Patrick’s approachability and business acumen are praised by our clients. Therefore, it makes complete sense that Patrick told us that he loves “…the opportunities I get to talk to and meet so many different people with such varied backgrounds and experiences”


We hope this quick, light-hearted article has helped you get to know the CPS team a little better. Our bespoke power solutions are brought to you by passionate experts with extensive experience, who are all ready to help your business obtain the bespoke UK-manufactured Diesel generator you deserve. Contact our team today to begin your journey!

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