Middle East Energy 2021: What to Expect

What to Expect at Middle East Energy 2021
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Middle East Energy 2021: What to Expect

One of the most, if not the most, important days In the calendar for the power solution industry is fast approaching. The Middle East Energy exhibition (also known as MEE) is a hallmark event – where industry leaders throughout energy-related fields gather to exhibit their latest products and network. So, why should you as a customer be interested? What can you expect from MEE 2021? Learn all this and more below with CPS.

MEE 2021: What’s Changed from Last Year?

Typically, Middle East Energy is hosted in the Dubai World Trade Centre – with hundreds of world-class professionals coalescing to network in person. To no one’s surprise, this event cannot occur in person this year. Instead, MEE is taking place entirely online. An innovative online system known as Swapcard is being used to connect professionals across the globe. This could bring some interesting developments to the power solution industry. This event being online allows companies who usually cannot attend to connect with big players in the industry, and the AI algorithm of Swapcard could create truly meaningful interactions. This will hopefully result in new alliances and interesting meetings that will trickle down into new, exciting and meaningful innovations for you!

MEE 2021: What Events are occurring?

MEE 2021 is chockful of events that could present some interesting future opportunities for your business. Cummins is coming to the event armed with numerous product pitches across the entire event, which we hope will include some exciting new products. Their May 17th event is labelled as a “tech talk” rather than a pitch. It would seem Cummins is looking to begin MEE with a strong opener! Towards the tail-end of the event, Perkins is hosting a Webinar on Alternative Fuels. This June 2nd event could reveal some interesting new technologies or highlight a new direction for Perkins, we’ll just have to wait and see!

What does MEE 2021 Mean to you?

MEE 2021 is predominantly an industry professional event. Every conference, webinar and et cetera is filled to the brim with jargon. However, the results of the conversations and sessions at MEE 2021 could end up revolutionizing the way your business deals with its power needs. One good deal between Perkins, Cummins and/or any other esteemed company at the show could drastically lower prices or revolutionise a product field. When great minds come together, customers are sure to benefit. With even more companies across the globe (perhaps even yourself!) attending – the chances of something great coming out of MEE 2021 are high.


CPS hopes this guide has enlightened you on the topic of the exciting MEE 2021 Event. Stay tuned to our blog page and social accounts for some exciting news regarding MEE coming soon. As a renowned global supply of bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel generators – we’re sure you’ll find some of the exciting developments that arise from MEE 2021 in our products soon.

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