National Suicide Prevention Day

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National Suicide Prevention Day

Today is National Suicide Prevention Day. Here at CPS we have an open culture around mental health and suicide awareness, and thought we’d take the opportunity to open a dialogue to share how our team cares for their mental health both inside and outside of work. Whilst we’re raising awareness today, we believe mental health should be a year-round commitment, and it’s important to do small things every day to maintain a healthy headspace.

Our Teams Commitments

Here are some of the things our team personally do to maintain their mental health. Daniel, our Director, does kickboxing twice a week to help maintain his mental health. And Samuel, our PowerMark Business Manager goes on long walks with his two dogs in the countryside to help manage stress levels. Stephen, our international sales manager, plays with his dogs and practices mindfulness to help his mental health. However you choose to look after your mental health, make sure you’re taking the time out for yourself to do what works for you.

Mental Health at Work

Talk to someone, maintaining an open communication with your team and peers at work helps to maintain your mental health. A problem shared is a problem halved, at CPS we encourage our team to have weekly wellness chats and check in with each other regularly to see if there’s any way we can support as a company.

Plan your time, when we plan our time, we feel more in control. Write a list of your day-to-day responsibilities or create a weekly schedule to help visualise your workload and ensure nothing slips through the net or becomes overwhelming. Don’t delay things, problems don’t go away by ignoring them, create a plan to tackle the intimidating tasks, and do the easy ones first.

Remember to reward your achievements. Recognition in the workplace is so important, and whilst we at CPS make sure we reward our team and ensure they feel valued, it’s also important to take time to step back and congratulate yourself, keeping a positive mindset in the workplace. Discover more about mental health, and our tips for managing stress in the workplace, here.

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