New Year's Power Solution: What Diesel Could Do for You in 2021

Diesel Generator 2021
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New Year’s Power Solution: What Diesel Could Do for You in 2021

Diesel power has lasted and prospered through the tumultuous start of this decade, keeping businesses across the world powered. As we saw in Mumbai, and discussed in a prior article, a Diesel generator can be the final word between your business carrying on or falling in these times. In this post, we’ll walk you through the state of Diesel power and where it could take you throughout 2021.

The state of Diesel generators 2020

Diesel generators have continued to be the prevailing force in power solutions across the globe through 2020. Whilst hydrogen has begun to see an uptick in sales; across India, The Middle East and the UK, Diesel generators continue to be the de facto form of power for a variety of industries. Covid-19 and recent power shortages in India have only served to strengthen Diesel’s hold on the market. To see the exciting bespoke power solutions we have delivered to our customers in this time of growth for the market, click here.

Benefits of a Diesel Generator 2021

There are many benefits one of our bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel gensets and power solutions can provide. Here is just a selection of the benefits our Diesel generators could bring to you in 2021:

Reliable Backup Power for your Business

One of our silent Diesel generators can provide you with a reliable power source that can keep your business’s lights on no matter what. Since March of 2020, the UK and countless other territories have seen increases in power shortages due to the Coronavirus. Expect this to continue as we enter a global recession. Be prepared and contact us for a silent Diesel generator today.

Portable Power for 2021.

2021 will require manual labourers, especially those in the UK, to be ready and willing to take jobs. The global recession has pushed many businesses into a precarious position. In order to stay afloat, be prepared to be versatile and mobile. Our range of containerised Diesel generators allows you to quickly and effectively transport power to wherever it’s needed, letting you take any job you desire. For quality power in a portable form factor, contact us today.


As you can see, our quality range of UK-manufactured, bespoke Diesel power solutions – including silent and containerised generators –are exactly what you need to keep business thriving throughout 2021. No matter how difficult times are, we at CPS can offer a tailored power solution that meets your power needs and price point with the highest level of quality. Contact us today, and get your business ready for 2021.

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