Powercuts in Asia: Proof you Need Diesel Generators in 2021

China Powercuts 2021

Powercuts in Asia: Proof you Need Diesel Generators in 2021

As we predicted in the last article, 2021 is going to be a year full of power shortages. Global trade has suffered major hits due to current events, and this in turn leads to a short supply of the essential materials needed to keep the lights on. Recently, serious powercuts have struck China and have slowly effected the Asian continent as a whole. Learn more about current events surrounding the powercut and how a bespoke power solution from Constant Power Solutions could help you during potential powercuts that are likely to arrive through 2021.

China Powercuts 2021 Explained

Due to heavy trade sanctions and current logistical challenges due to the Coronavirus, China began to face growing powercuts in December 2020. This began due to a Beijing blockade of all Australian coal due to political disagreements.

This has led many cities across China to heavily ration their power. Factories and offices have closed, or have been told to only heat the building once temperatures reach freezing. There are many reports of people being stuck in powerless elevators for extended periods, workers having to leave by outdoor stairs and more.

Severe weather across the Asian continent has led to increased Coal and Diesel prices globally, furthering China’s issues. At present moment, coal ships have been left stranded due to the blockade for over six months. Many sailors have become seriously effected mentally and physically after nearly 2 years out at sea – leading to numerous calls by human rights activists to end the blockade and allow the Australian, Indian and other foreign nationals to leave Chinese waters.

Why You Need Backup Generators for Powercuts

Backup power is, as we’ve stated countless times before and now proven, essential for business in 2021. Disputes, climate and logistics will come one after the other and combine to create serious complications outside of your businesses control. The one thing your business can control with absolute certainty is the backup power you have available. Here at CPS, we create bespoke power solutions tailored to your business. our soundproof backup generators are perfect for indoor uses and can confidently deliver a wide range of Kva’s to accommodate buildings small and large for years to come. When combined with our competitive and customer-friendly servicing contracts, you’ll be in complete control of your business power needs no matter what current events bring your way.


As you can clearly see, we here at CPS are your first line of defence against the growing logistical troubles that could leave your business without power in 2021. Across the globe, powercuts are likely to only become more and more common. Both Diesel prices and generator sales continue to grow at the start of this new year, so do not hesitate to contact us and begin the journey towards your completely bespoke power solution, including tailored soundproof and containerised Diesel generators, today. Learn more about our Diesel generators and what they could do for you in 2021 here, or browse the rest of our blogs for more information on Diesel generators.

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