Vinaconex Trading and Manpower diesel generator
Vinaconex Trading and Manpower diesel generator

Project Details

Products Included: 2 x AC2045
Location: International
Application: Powering a 45-story building
Project Completion Period: 1 week build time
Date: 2nd – 11th March 2020

Project Overview

Constant Power Solutions won a prestige order via an international  dealer to produce 2 x AC2045 (2045kVA Prime rated sets) to power a large storey building. There was a lot of planning and preparation needed at CPS and at the international site before we started build. These two machines were Cummins G Drive engine QSK60-G4 engines and Stamford PI734F1 alternators. We used the DSE8610 control module as they generators would work in synchronisation, sharing the load, when the building is at peak load. When not at peak load, one generator will work alone, or the load will be split between them both still.


On 2nd March our fabrication team started building the chassis’. The first chassis was completed by the 4th and the second by the 6th and ready for the next week.

Starting a new week on Monday 9th, our mechanical team were ready to base the engine. This is an unconventional method however, due to the weight of the engine and alternator, it was more logical to couple the alternator to the engine when it was based. Our team finished one before midday due to the 10T inhouse crane we have on site. The Crane allows our team to not only quickly base the engine and alternator on the frame and couple, it also allows the team to complete this job safely and efficiently. The second set coupled & based before 5pm and checked by our production manager and our sales department. All in readiness for the next stage, electrical and testing.

Once the first set was coupled and based, our electrical team made a start adding the prepared control and breaker boxes, emergency stop buttons and installing the crank batteries. We use colour coded wiring looms, for the ease of the engineers who will be working on the installed set. Our electricians install our control boxes onto the base frame of the generator, which is key to avoid vibration damage to the wiring.

Our mechanical team installed the radiators, using our 10T crane. Fitting the pipework and the radiator guard and then filling with coolant for testing.


As these sets would be synchronised, we ensured they were tested in sync. This was to ensure that they were able to run when cranked, running together and running individually. Each of our generators run from 10% – 110% in 25% intervals for up to one hour before leaving the factory. Our electrical team then produced a full test report advising of kVA/kW loads, times, amps, voltage and frequency. They will also ensure the emergency stop and other functions are working efficiently. The test report will be sent with the generators document box including other documents.

After testing, the units were sent to out pre delivery team, who cleaned the unit and added all logos and warning labels to follow UK and international standards.

These were then checked by two members of our sales department who do similar checks and perform a PDI (pre delivery inspection), this document is also included in the document box with engine and alternator manuals.

On 11th each machine was loaded into a separate 40ft container. Due to the height of the radiators, these were detached and loaded loose in the containers.