The latest request was for a 250kva Openset Generator situated in Mozambique, Africa.

The 250kva Diesel generator was required to power a luxury resort which was recently built for holidaymakers from all over the world to enjoy the lovely beaches which are surrounded by the Mozambique Channel. The resort has its own idyllic beach is in an ideal location for holidaymakers who wish to have a quiet break away from every day working life.

The resort has its own main grid which offers their customers, 3 restaurants, and two relaxing terrace rooms, as well as the chic rooms which have mini fridges, flat-screen TVs and high-speed Internet. To give you the home from home feel. With this in mind the owner of the resort wants to give his holidaymakers complete peace and mind that should the island be hit with a power cut, then tourists are not left deserted on the island without technology, lighting and kitchen appliances, which many of us take for granted.


Constant Power solutions supplied an 250kva Perkins power Diesel generator Openset Generator due to heat and humidity in Mozambique a soundproof set was not required.


The solution we have provided gave the client no single point of failure.

If there is a power cut in Mozambique then the automatic transfer switch will send a signal to the generator to start, the generator will then crank for 10 seconds and supply power to the whole resort with little disruptions for their holiday guests.