Company: Michael Nugent Ltd
Products and services included:  AS300S, Upgrade: Canopy Upgrade thickness to reduce noise level from 82dba@1m to 65dba@1m, Water Jacket heater, Upgrade Internal fuel tank to hold 24 Hours fuel at 100% load, ATS-800, CPS-COMM, CPS-SERV, SERV002
Location:  Leighton buzzard,
Application:  Stand-by
Project Completion Period:  

Project Overview

Back in 2021, CPS was contacted by M&E Contractor Michael Nugent Ltd regarding a specification they had received from a design consultant. The specification was for a bespoke Diesel Generator system. The design consultancy had been contracted by a company that was about to begin construction of a care home for the elderly. They got in contacts with CPS hoping we would work in conjunction with them to manufacture this bespoke power supply system. 


This project was actually set into motion with a nearly 2 year lead time. This was to ensure that the power system was ready in time for the care home’s grand opening.

The care home in question was looking for a back-up power system to kick into action and power the site in the case of main circuit failure. This system was desired to power basic appliances in their resident accommodations such as lights, kitchen appliances and security systems. The vital medical equipment that they will be using on site to help care for their residents was one of the reasons why the generator was needed in time for opening. This includes things like artificial ventilators and nebulizers. 

They felt this was necessary for their complex as their residents comfort and safety is their main purpose. 

Stephen (a CPS sales manager) confidently took to this project on and as the care home neared completion, their generator was prepared. During this project, we remained flexible as there was no secure time frame. Stephen adapted well throughout and continued to work with the MNE contractors to ensure all the clients needs were met!

Generator Details

The Diesel Generator we included was an AS300S 300kva genset with a Scania engine. An Automatic Transfer Switch was incorporated to allow for instant power connection transfer in the case of mains failure. Then we added a Water Jacket Heater to aid in engine start-up during cold conditions. 

We housed this system into a super silent canopy to reduce the noise level from 82dba to 65dba to avoid any disruption it may cause while running for employees and residents. We also added a fuel tank upgrade to hold 24hrs of fuel at 100% – this allows for of 24 hrs of uninterrupted operation at one time from larger fuel storage. 

To ensure the success of this project the customer wanted to include CPS Diesel Generator Commissioning to ensure that the generator is properly functioning on site. This process includes a generator load bank test, protective function checks as well as full visual checks.

Finally, to ensure the longevity and constant well health of their bespoke genset, they opted for CPS Diesel Generator Servicing. With 1 minor and 1 major service a year. We highly recommend conducting Generator Servicing for the proper maintenance of a genset, especially for emergency generators as it is vital they are required to be on stand-by at all times.

This client selected Constant Power Solutions as they required a bespoke, UK manufactured Genset 

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