We have just waved off to a 40ft HQ Container which has now been shipped off to one of our dealers in Asia!

Our client confirmed the order in February requiring 3 UK Built Openset Diesel generators. Two of the units were 400kva using Perkins 2206A-E13TAG3 and Stamford HC444F, whilst the 150kva Perkins 1106A-70TAG2 and Stamford UCI274F. All three generators were built with Deepsea PLC Controllers and European breakers.


The third of the units that the customer required was a 150kva again open-set, Perkins complete with Stamford combination.

Our customer is highly skilled in the Diesel Generator market and has buyers for all three of these machines. With many towns and cities in Asia not connected to the grid. Generation power is much sought out and especially a reliable Diesel Generator which will last up to 10 years and longer. More and more government officials are looking for UK Built generators in many Asia countries.

Our client has taken their first 40ft container of stock to supply their country and we are in communication to supply another container of stock for them.


One business venture we are looking for now is dealers in many countries such as Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We know Generation power is much sought out and UK Built generators will give your company a Unique selling point when working on many governments or high priority tenders and projects in your country.

If you are a supplier, or Diesel Generator installer in Asia, The Middle East or Africa and you are looking to add a high quality and UK Brand to your fleet why not contact Constant Power Solutions on or alternatively call +44 1757 428140, where we will be happy to assist with your requirements.