When a renowned company from Germany came to us, and we learned that they work with various beer festivals across Germany, we knew we had to get onboard with this project. Have you got a project in mind? We’d love to speak to you! Contact us here, or drop us an email to: info@cps-generators.com

We were told the generators had to be portable, emissions compliant (Stage V), with sockets and around 45KVA. We went back and forth with the client, from drawings to 3D models, so they could see how the generator would work, taking on their feedback every stage. What we came up with next was really special.

We fabricated a bespoke 45KVA Perkins generator onto the back of a Knott trailer. We chose this trailer supplier as they are renowned globally for quality trailers, robust and built to last.

We hadn’t done too many towable trailer generators previously to this, but we love a challenge here at Constant Power Solutions, so this was a great opportunity to think outside the box & showcase what we can do as a company.

Another important factor which was the client’s concern, was the documentation supplied with the trailer generator going to Germany, which we supplied a full certificate of authentication as well as manufacturer documents. If you’re unsure what documents are supplied with a generator, feel free to contact us or check out our blog here.

The finished product looked incredible, and we’re all very happy with it here at CPS! Next stop, is a trip to Germany to see how they work?