North Star 50/60HZ Switchable

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Project Details

Company: North Star Shipping
Products Included: AP200S 50/60Hz switchable, with plug sockets, a 3 way valve, DSE 890, DSE7320 – complete with a servicing and maintenance package.
Location: Aberdeen
Application: Backup power
Project Completion Period: 6 weeks
Date: June 2022

Project Overview

North Star Shipping is a company that provides marine infrastructure support using their vast array of vessels to ensure offshore projects are completed. Our client was assisted by our local dealer, PowerMark through their website, requesting a 200KVA generator. The customer currently has 2 vessels which are 60Hz and the remainder are 50Hz, so having a generator which can do both was vital to their operations.

From the initial enquiry we contacted North Star to discuss all aspects of their power requirements, to get a better idea of the requirements of the business & what the generator would be used for. They informed us of their specifications and it was important that the diesel generator was manufactured in the UK, using quality parts.

After communicating with the client, we came to the conclusion that the current generator on site was not capable of providing both frequencies – which was a requirement as different ships work on different hertz, therefore, to save cost and space, North Star opted for the dual speed generator for on shore power when boats are in for repair.

Samuel & Stephen made sure all of the client’s requirements were catered for, which in turn gave the client confidence that we were the best generator company to partner with for this particular project. We were initially unsure on where the generator would be operating, with it being a ‘marine company’, but the purpose of the generator was established through the fine communication between all parties involved within the project.

The main solution the client wanted based upon their requirements was an easily switchable 50/60hz switch. Plug and play sockets were also essential to this generator as it was going to be directly on site. A DSE890 was also chosen by the client so that the maintenance manager could make sure that the generator is running at its optimum. The generator will be used on shore to power tools and also provide power to the onboard battery solutions to ensure no loss whilst out at sea.

We advised on a 200KVA Perkins 50/60Hz switchable, with plug sockets, a 3-way valve, DSE 890, DSE7320, complete with a service and maintenance package.

There was a slight delay on this generator due to materials and supply chain issues, but this was communicated throughout the process – North Star were very understanding of this which the team massively appreciated.

As a result of this generator project, North Star have saved money on multiple generators, increased productivity, efficiency, and space through their operations due to having a 50/60hz switchable generator, and not needing multiple machines.

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