The need for power is detrimental for them to keep them competitive in their industry as well as support their clients offering them their customers the highest customer service they can.

The problem they were having is that Power cuts to the Isle of Wight are becoming more and more common, and power cuts will affect their business and the customer service they offer their clients. The company wish to offer their clients no single point of failure. They have invested heavily on their infrastructure to offer their clients “no single point of failure”. Their infrastructure needs to be backed by an Uninterrupted Power Supply, Automatic Transfer Switch and of course a Diesel Generator.


Our customer required a 60kVA Diesel generator to help combat power cuts on the island as they are one of the Island’s most experienced Internet Service Providers.

The main reason why they chose Constant Power Solutions for their Diesel Generator is that they had heard a lot of information about CPS and where keen to buy a UK Built Generator as they feel that a quality UK Product would help enhance their business and increase their credentials


The difference between being a Tier 3 Datacentre and a Tier 4 data center is to increase up time from 99.982% to 99.995%, so a Diesel Generator backed up by an Automatic Transfer Switch is detrimental for any Datacentre hoping to increase their credentials. This will be very beneficial for our client.