Company: Roland Hill Ltd
Products and services included: AP60S, Supersilent Genset Noise reduction, Automatic Fuel pump and fuel valve to connect to external tank, Water Jacket Heater, Transcube Contract (2000L) Bunded Steel fuel tank (White), Option: Fuel Recirculation Unit 50 lpm, Canopy Colour change, ATS-100
Location: Care home in Alston
Application:  Powering a care home stand-by
Project Completion Period: Unknown

Project Overview

Towards the end of last year, CPS (Constant Power Solutions) was contacted by a design consultant who were currently working with MNE contractors to build their client the perfect power solution. The design consultants reviewed the clients specification and designed their ideal system. So they contacted CPS in hopes we could bring their design to life!


The final client in this case is a care home primarily for the elderly and those unable to independently take care of themselves. The application of this project is stand-by/emergency power. They were looking for a supersilent genset power system capable of providing power in the case of their electricity mains failing to provide power. 

The customer required a generator able to power appliances such as lights, heat sources and other basic appliances. More specifically, they needed back-up power for their medical equipment for some of their patients. This includes things such as blood pressure monitors and moving equipment.

The site area is a common victim to power cuts/surges and brownouts so they are preventing a potentially life threatening occurrence. The company also recognises the inconvenience and discomfort a sudden lack of power can cause for unsuspecting residents.

Generator Details

To meet the client’s specification we opted for an AP60S, 60kva soundproofed Diesel Generator with a Perkins 1103A-33TG2 engine coupled to a European alternator. This was paired with an Automatic Transfer Switch for instant connection during mains failure, and a Water Jacket Heater for continuous engine temperature optimisation to aid with cold conditions. 

Due to the application of this project, we upgraded the generators canopy to be super silent to reduce the noise output down to 65dba@1m! For longer uninterrupted running times, we then added a Transcube contract 2000L Bunded Steel fuel tank with an automatic fuel pump and fuel valve to connect to the generator.

Finally, we painted the entire canopy and extended fuel tank a moss green colour to have camouflaging properties when on site located near greenery.


Due to the detrimental application of this genset, the customers wanted to include a service contract for 1 minor and 1 major servicing per year with our CPS engineers. This helps ensure your emergency power supply genset is constantly ready for operation and maintains the longevity of your generator. 

These companies chose to work with Constant Power Solutions as we manufacture bespoke gensets to the desired specification in the UK. 

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