Back Up Power For Military Base


Project Details

Company: Back Up Power for Military Base
Products Included:  AS350S, AS300S, Water Jacket Heater, ATS-630
Application: Stand-by
Project Completion Period: 6 Months
Date: March

Project Overview

In August of 2022, a CPS sales manager, Stephen headed to a site visit where he was shown the current set up to create a plan for a power supply upgrade. The company site in is a military base which is remotely located and has power cuts. CPS specializes in generators for military bases, and back up power for military bases. This site already had two generators installed but they were old and unreliable so Stephen worked with their team to fix every issue when building their new generators. 

Project Details

An AS350S and AS300S genset was designed and built for production. Both generators are paired with a Water Jacket Heater which maintains the engine temperature and prevents coolant from freezing (even in the coldest of days). It also has a quick release valve (3 way valve) in order to connect to the external fuel tank when needed.

To ensure the security of these generators they will both be built into 20ft containers  which are fully bunded and lined with galvanised perforated steel sheets, with lockable doors, and AC lighting. The 300kva generator for one side of the site will also be fitted with an ATS-630 (Automatic Transfer Switch) providing instant generator activation in the case of mains failure (black outs).

The CPS electrical and engineering team are going to fully install and commission each bespoke genset on site. We recommend our commissioning services to customers as one of our qualified engineers inspect every generator and carries out a live test to make sure everything is working perfectly!

Full documentation is also provided, so don’t worry about remembering everything! Another service we provide is decommissioning which is the disconnection and removal of the site’s current generators, so you really can trust us with the whole process! 

This customer chose Constant Power Solutions as they required high spec bespoke generators manufactured in the UK. 

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