AC275 Diesel Generator
AC275 Generator Control Panel


Products and services included:  AC275, Upgraded size IP54 junction box with clear/Perspex lid, Water Jacket Heater, ATS-260, Upgrade Tank 600L with 110% Bund
Location: Gibraltar
Application: Back up power
Project Completion Period: June 2023

Project Overview

Last year we were contacted by an Electrical Contractor in Gibraltar looking to supply their clients with a back-up generator system. This client actually came across our company while watching an episode of Top Gear we featured on!  After the success of this sale, they got in touch with our sales team once again to supply a genset for another client!


This end user was a Military training site. They had some large, appliances that needed a back-up source of power. The appliances in question were large hydro pumps that generate energy for the company. This is a primary power supply for the site so they could not afford the pumps to fail.  

This is where the generator comes in, to power the hydro pumps which will then generate a larger amount of energy to power the site.

Our sales manager Stephen along with one of our CPS engineers paid a visit to the Gibraltar site to assess the site requirements and dimensions to ensure that the project spec is properly catered to and to avoid any logistic issues that may arise. 

Bespoke Upgrades

After careful analysis with our sales advisors, they opted for a Cummins powered 275kva open-set Diesel Generator. For aid during cold starts, they added a Water Jacket Heater, an Automatic Transfer Switch for eased application and an extended fuel tank for extended running times without interference. 

The added feature of a Water Jacket Heater (WJH) allows heated water to flow around the generators engine to allow a quick start-up at any time. Smooth start ups are also assisted by the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), when connected it detects if your site’s mains cut off and will automatically switch the genset on. These are both great additions to your power supply projects.

Then upgraded the IP54 Junction Box with additional cables and connections for the 2 ATS panels. Finally, to make this the most effective emergency generator system, we installed an extended base fuel tank to hold 600L of fuel with a 110% bund. This allows for extended running times without any assistance!

After a smooth delivery to site this set was installed with success!

Seamlessly making power supply issues a thing of the past!

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