Backup power generator
backup power genset


Products and services included:  AS600S, Water Jacket Heater, Option of a integral 48 Hour tank Minimum of 5201L Bunded fabricated base frame fuel tank, Marine Paint coating, SYNC-KIT, DSE890 Modem for remote start, 

Location: Fareham, Hampshire


This project was actually for an M&E Contractor who was sought out by a division of the UK council, specifically a site located in the South East of England. The M&E contractors got in touch with CPS to help meet their customer’s backup power specification as we have worked with them previously on similar projects with great success! 


The customer was looking for a power system to be used in the case of a power outage. They needed a backup power source capable of powering their whole site which included a number of offices. This was due to the important work they do as part of the council.

Once in contact with our Sales Manager, the M&E contractors provided him with their customer’s spec. He then got to work designing their bespoke power system.

Backup power Generator Spec

After careful consideration, this project included an AS600S, 600kva soundproofed Diesel Generator powered with a Scania DC16 078A 02-41 engine. A Water Jacket Heater to consistently maintain the engine’s temperature and help with more effective start-up. This was then mounted onto a 5201L bunded fabricated base frame fuel tank to allow for up to 48 hours of unassisted runtime. A DSE890 Modem for remote starts was introduced to allow remote start and stop via a mobile device and viewing of all alarms and running functions of the generator.

The final stage of this project was Marine paint coating. This includes painting the surface of the canopy with marine protecting paint as the genset is located on the coast. Without this protective layer, it is likely the Generator canopy would begin to rust from contact with the water in the sea air. To stay on brand the company chose a red colour paint as their logos and other branding are red!

Did you know we can paint Generators any colour?

Once complete, the Generator set was transported to site and installed by the M&E contractors with success.

This company chose CPS as they wanted a bespoke UK Manufactured Genset! They were aware of their specification for a stand-by operation generator therefore this was a very sales process.

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