Bahamas Shopping Complex AP360S-60HZ Generator Outside
Bahamas Shopping Complex AP360S-60HZ Generator Doors
Bahamas Shopping Complex AP360S-60HZ Open Generator

Project Details

Company: PowerOn Group Inc
Products Included: AP360S-60HZ
Location: Bahamas
Application: Shopping Complex
Project Completion Period: 4 weeks
Date: August 2020

Project Overview

Among our wide network of dealers, PowerOn Group are based in the United States and cover the whole of Latin and South America. The majority of their sets are 60hz due to locality to the United Sates, although some countries main grids require 50hz frequency.

The owner of the company has been in the industry for a long period of time and being situated where he is, he can support potentially all 30+ Latin America countries.

This set was built with a Perkins 2206A-E13TAG2 engine, Stamford S4L1D-D41 alternator, DSE7120 control module, ABB circuit breaker and upgraded to work at 208/120V instead of 127/220V. All our sets up to 771kVA (excluding Perkins 4000 series) are built into our galvanised steel, powder coated canopies, and come with an up to 8-hour galvanised steel base tank as standard. With easy access emergency stop button, fuel and coolant filling points, lifting eyes and lockable doors, our canopies are spacious and design with our customers in mind, making servicing and maintenance as easy as possible.

This was 1 of 2 sets shipped in the same 40ft container, have a look at the other project here.