Bangladesh Islami Bank Tender generator project

Project Details

Company: RECOL
Products Included: AP11.5S-1PH X 18 Canopied
Location: Bangladesh
Application: Sub Branches in Bangladesh
Project Completion Period: March – 2 Weeks

Project Overview

Constant Power solutions currently supply a lot of generators in to the Asia market. The main reason for this is mans power is not as secure in a lot of Asian countries as it is in the UK and Europe. This means that these countries rely on power for Diesel generator sources more than most.

Although there is a lot of competition in this region from countries closer to home, most Asian countries request quality over price. A failing generator would be detrimental to businesses over there during long power cuts. This is why we do so well in countries like Bangladesh who prefer to invest in a good quality generator that will give them peace of mind.

This particular tender was for the Bangaldesh Islami bank, they needed 18 generators single phase sets that where to power each individual sub branches. Some will be for standby power and critical power, whereas others will be running more constantly. All sub Branches require there banks to be supplied 24/7 with power either from the mains or a Diesel generator for security reasons. Most if not all banks and sub branches will have a safe/ Vault which requires power and run on electrics. The power rating requirement for all 18 sets is 11.5kVA Standby, silent canopied sets with Perkins 403A-15G1 UK Engine and Stamford European Alternator. All with a Deepsea electronics control panel. The control module was selected for ease of use by the end user. As they required simplicity.

Why was CPS Selected over the other manufacturers?
With over 20 companies competing on this tender locally, using Generator manufacturers from the United Kingdom, India, China, Italy and Spain. Several dealers where disqualified due to using non UK/EU Manufacturers, which put CPS in a good position. We were not the cheapest, as we didn’t expect to be. Competing with some European manufacturers, we are always going to be on the back foot unfortunately. Thankfully not everything is done on price. The Bangladesh Police produced a big document with several pages, as they had strict requirements that all generator manufacturers have to adhered too.

Thankfully due to the research by our team here at CPS. Most of our international specifications for generators are based on regular tender specification so we were already at an advantageous point. We were able to answers any questions by the end user and put confidence in the end user that what our dealer had offered was going to not only complete the job required but over and above support the Police department. This is why I feel as a team CPS and our dealer won the order.

Lead time and Build
Other than specifications and of course price, anyone who won the order had to ensure that the sets where built within 2 weeks of order confirmation. The lead time was short for 18 sets canopied and we had to ensure our supply chain had the engines available.

Firstly, here at CPS we do stock a range of components for our canopies. Our canopies our built to our own specifications not only with the end user in mind such as bolts inside for protection, emergency stop on the outside, ample space for servicing and of course window doors for control panel. They are also fabricated in panels that make it simple for our UK Engineers to be able to build in bulk at a quick safe pace. Secondly we had to ensure the required engines and alternators where not only available but could be sent urgently to start the build.

We built all 18 in 2 stages, over the two weeks. Which allowed our teams to be split so we can concentrate on other orders and not to affect our current clients. Week one consisted of mainly mechanical work, whilst we were awaiting the engines and alternators to be supplied.

Week 1 – The team prepared and built the canopies and base frames. Once the major components where available and on site, the mechanical team jumped straight coupling 9 Generators on the base and fixing the canopies on to the bases. This allowed the electrical team to build 18 control panels in readiness for the order. Once the 9 sets were completed mechanically, the electrical guys took over wiring all 9 sets and fitting the control panels in the correct position, as well as battery braces and emergency stops. BY the end of week one we had 9 fully built sets ready for testing and 9 canopies fully erected with engines and alternators coupled ready to be based on the main canopy base frames.

Week 2 – Electrical guys started testing the first 9 sets, early Monday Morning. The mechanical team, with everything prepared had the task of securely fitting all 9 generators on the base and building the canopy over the top. Ensuring safely all bolts are checked and the silicon inserted to protect from the elements. Once all the first batch of 9 where tested, the electrical team got to work on the remaining 9 sets, these where pretty much wrapped up mechanically and electrically mid-week. This gave plenty of time for the team to test the remaining 9, whilst labels where being put on all 18 sets and all sets where thoroughly cleaned and checked by all departments.

Logistics team took control once everything was built tested, checked etc.. and all 18 sets where securely loaded in to a 40ft Container. We can fit 24 sets of this size in a container, so somewhere securely double stacked and others where on the own.

Overall we achieved what we set out to do and all parties where happy with the project time frames and quality.