Bespoke Generators to Gibraltar!

400KVA Cummins diesel generator
400KVA cummins diesel generator
400KVA cummins diesel generator

Project Details

Company: Back-up power for Gibraltar

Products Included: CPS Alpha Series Cummins Powered 400 Kva prime rated generator.  Using a Scania DC13 072A 02-11 engine coupled to a Meccalte alternator.
Location: Gibraltar
Application: Emergency backup power
Project Completion Period: 8 weeks
Date: September 2022

Project Overview

CPS recently completed a project for a major client based in Gibraltar.

We supplied a bespoke  CPS Alpha Series Cummins Powered 400 KVA prime rated generator, coupled to a Meccalte alternator.

This project was to provide prime power for the site, abroad in Gibraltar to power a large site for a new major client, with a lot of bespoke work done to meet the clients needs and demands.

We worked with the client closely to determine their exact power requirements, as they couldn’t take advantage of our UK Mainland Free Site Survey  due to the client being based in Gibraltar.

How do you work out what size generator you need?

A switch for the battery charger and water jacket heater was incorporated into the design in order to cope with and offset the overload efficiently, which we were told by the client was a common issue on their site.

Daily power outages were also not uncommon, so dealing with common power outages, which could last up to a full day was also another major concern of our client. Luckily, with the help of our in-house design and manufacturing team, we were able to create a custom bespoke bunded frame fuel tank which would hold enough fuel to power the generator for a full day, plus more.

We also upgraded the breaker box to be of an adequate size due to the clients cable size, and therefore changed the location of the fuel filler to keep the filling of the generator easily accessible for any servicing or maintenance.

The generator now, is going through the final quality checks – which all of our diesel generators have to go through in order to leave the factory so that you know when you buy a CPS diesel generator, you are buying a quality, UK made diesel generator, which has passed our vigorous quality checks.

This diesel generator will be installed in Gibraltar this month, and Stephen, our export sales manager will be travelling to see oversee the installation and commissioning with the client with a view to discuss potential future projects.

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