We received an enquiry from one of our dealers in Wales, and it was not your standard requirement. The hotel in question was the St Davids Hotel and they required a Green generator and it needed to fit their needs and requirements.


We made sure the inside and outside of the generator was painted green, it seemed an unusual request but customers needs always come first. The generator was sized to 150kVA whilst the noise reduction was 65dBA @7m and 74dBA @1m which as you know is roughly in between general office chatter and a train 100ft away. So the sound levels are not too loud.

We received another call. The generator was running perfectly but they had some complaints when the generator was running at certain times in the day and night. So we put our head together with the customer with the help of our South Wales dealer (AM Power) we sent them additional soundproofing and an upgraded silencer.

The sound was reduced overall by about 2db but at the rear by over 5db which is great, we lined the base and doors plus other bits and pieces with the extra soundproofing. The customer is extremely happy.


The generator is one that not only performs great but looks great also. It shows that working directly with our dealers we can help our clients with the help and support to suit all their requirements.

If you own a hotel or are the procurement manager and require a super silent Diesel generator or if you are a generator dealer and require a bespoke solution that meets these requirements then please give me a call on 01757 428140