Bob Barker Generator Full

Project Details

Company: Sea Shepherd Global
Products Included: AP135S, 4 x 500-hour service kits
Location: Gran Canaria
Application: Bob Barker Boat
Project Completion Period: 4 weeks
Date: May 2020

Project Overview

We were recently tasked with the project of producing our AP135S generator to be used as the backup power source on the Bob Barker ship, maintained by Sea Shepherd Global.

This CPS generator is powered by a Perkins 1106A-70TG1 engine, Mecc Alte UK ECP34-2M alternator, controlled with a UK DSE7320 control module for oil and coolant temperature and pressure sensors.
Due to the machine being on a boat, we upgraded the alternator to be IP23+ rated, which is recommended for marine use). We also added additional relays in the control panel to allow for auxiliary alarm outputs with cancellable or mute audio functions.

It was unknown when the ship would be in-port after leaving, so we also shipped 4 x 500hour service kits with the generator. This allows the customer to be self-sufficient and to look after their generator with their on-site engineers. These included air, oil and fuel filter and also belts and rocket cover gaskets.